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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by colorfulcolorado, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. colorfulcolorado

    colorfulcolorado New Member

    Has anyone had one in their town? Boy, what a mess. Bikers are not allowed to ride their bikes with a patch on their jacket or they get pulled over and harassed(and maybe put in jail)I thought we lived in a free country where we could wear what we wanted. They are giving the homeless here in Denver free movie passes, to stay out of the way, so we won't look so bad, which is not right but at least the homeless are getting a break. They have a HUGE cages that will hold 450 protesters each and they will be charged with whatever they choose. Oh, and they had a sniper shoot at a building or something, didn't get the full scoop on that, where Obama is going to be or where he is supposed to go by, they are keeping that out of the news-no one is allowed to talk about it. I feel like I'm living in Germany under Hitler' thumb. They just haven't sent us to concentration camps yet! This place is a mess!!! People are renting their apts, homes etc for $3000 for a few days so people from out of town can be here, because we don't have enough hotels etc. Heck, anyone need a place to stay!LOL Just needed to vent. I don't like hyprocrocy! Sorry this is so long I just needed to vent.
    Just an update:
    Things I hope will get back to normal after tonight...
    The reason they were targeting bikers was because a group out here was going to try and attempt to assassinate Obama thankfully they caught the people and all is good. Second, no one it seems is spending money in our city... the bars are full but I guess the restaurants are dead. They are serving free food at the convention and else where so why pay when you can get it for free! I'm sure somewhere down the road we'll have to pay for something( just wondering don't know for sure). Take care! Can't believe I finally got through to post this message!!!
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  2. therealmadscientist

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    You'd be haunted your whole life by paraparazi, and FBI, etc.
    Lordy, maybe the high altitude will keep things calm.

    I was in San Francisco for a Democratic Convention. A long time ago, so "they" didn't have the big cages and polished security. Mostly remember that the streets were very deserted, and Jesse Jackson's voice echoing among the downtown buildings. Good luck.
    Interesting to get the news from someone local. Sometimes I think a lot of stuff happening in Washington DC never gets out to the country.
    Cheers, mr Bill
  3. Gingareeree

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    I live in Denver(altho not Denver proper). I heard some homeless people being interviewed yesterday, seems they're getting all spiffed up for the big event as well. Hair cuts for all! Then off to the movies.... what a load... Also heard our mayor as well, at least those of us who live in Denver won't be paying for any of this as he claims they have more then enough funds to cover the cost. I'm REALLY glad to hear that bit of news! Jeanne
  4. gapsych

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    Sounds like things are kind of strange in Denver. My neice lives there and I will have to email her.

    I am confused on your reference to bikers with patches. But then I get confused a lot. LOL!!

    Too bad they can't do more for the homeless when there is not a convention. Movie passes? Gee, how generous.


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  5. colorfulcolorado

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    Bikers usually have some kind of patch on their jackets like POW/MIA or whatever group their in or even if it says Have a nice day! They will pull you over and harasse you.
    Their was this guy who had a union patch and works for the city and county of Denver and has of course FBI background check etc and they did tell him not to come back downtown for any reason-He works there! So, I don't know what happened there. I live near Red Rocks, and this is just an example of freedom of speech etc being taken away. Of course Colorado has always been a "police State". Have a good evening!
    About that shooting I don't know. I found out about from someone who works in that building.[This Message was Edited on 08/22/2008]
  6. jole

    jole Member

    This sounds soooo much like the program I watched about the Olympics in advertising logos anywhere, no food other than their own homemade, etc. etc. Building new buildings, homes and roads just for appearance. All the money they spent could have been used for their own people.

    Now here we are, doing the same thing...only worse, 'cause we aren't impressing anyone...are we???

    I too agree with the security issues, but the homeless? Good grief! (And yes, it is nice for them to have what must seem like luxury for a day.) ***Jole***
  7. petemora

    petemora Member

    is going to be in St. Paul, Minnesota.

    I don't live in the metro area so it won't affect me directly. My concern, mostly, is that I hope it goes well because I don't want people to get a bad impression of my state.

    I'm a Democract, but if I were healthy, I would volunteer at the "help desk" to give help and directions to people visiting from other states.

    In any event, it should be interesting....

    Hope it goes good for you!

  8. Gingareeree

    Gingareeree New Member

    I agree with your sentiments...I live just outside of Denver, even tho I'm a registered Republican, I too,want to be a gracious host and hope all goes well here in Denver. Jeanne
  9. Janalynn

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    My son is actually going to be working as a volunteer (an internship) still trying to figure out how to get him to where he needs to be since half the roads are closed etc.
    It's great for Denver actually - yes some inconvenience, but I think it's great for the city - extra revenue etc.
  10. therealmadscientist

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    The congress voted 50 million for security at each convention.

    Apparently 16 million will be given to each party from the federal income tax $1 check box.

    Somehow:))!) there is a loophole in campaign donation laws that allows unlimited donations to city's "host commitees". So corporate million dollar donations are not uncommon. Should be very good for Denver.

    I'm surprised McDonald's isn't giving out free hamburgers. lol

    Didn't the Romans give out free "bread and circuses".

    Cheers, mr bill

    Hmmmm, if started a political party, I might eventually be able to throw a Fed paid for 66 million dollar Party (wonder if that could interest Paris Hilton?). Maybe have in Cancun?

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  11. poets

    poets Member

    And we thought we had it bad back in the 60's! You know, it's downright frightening. And I'm scared for my candidate. I'll be glad when these conventions are over!
  12. Denamay

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    I heard on the radio [CBC] this AM. that the US Reublican party is holding a fund raiser in oil rich Calgary Alberta.

    There are lots of oil company American ex pats. living there, and they hope to raise big bucks.

    Southren Alberta is very conservative and interested in the oil dollars that the US. pays Canada for it's oil.

    I find this all quite intersting. Denamay
  13. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    All the conventions make me think of Mardi Gras in New Orleans! I don't want to go there either!

  14. DrMomknows

    DrMomknows New Member

    Nope I haven't... Haha I'm pretty glad
  15. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    "An idle mind is the devil's playground" (or is it "idle hands"?) I kept busy this morning thinking about Political partys and costs.

    Anyway, my understanding is that for about $70,000 one can contact Paris Hilton's booking agent, and she will make an appearance at a party.

    (Yes,.....I know not everyone wants to meet Paris!)

    So, with the $60 million in private donations plus $66 million from Feds, and about 4000 convention delegates, the cost per Democratic delegate is only about $32,000.

    I was sort of hoping to find that inviting Paris Hilton to a party would be cheaper than a political delegate. Oh, well.

    (Calculations are open to change if I've made any errors.) Cheers, Bill. On to my next project I suppose.

    Oh, I may be absent a bit because of visiting the Burning Man Event.
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  16. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Do you watch Steven Cobert? He used video from Burning Man last night as pics of what is happening at the Dem Convention. It was great! Mud wrestling orgy and Hilary supporters burning the "Pepsi Center" (not) are the ones that I remember.

    His writers have my kind (read sick)of mind set!

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  18. colorfulcolorado

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  19. colorfulcolorado

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    I totally agree with what you said...both sides, well the system could use a major enema! I'm for neither party, I'm independent and vote for who is best not for who is in my "party". Don't know what I'll do in Nov. but I wish they'd bring back a write in ballot! Well' first of all I wish our vote did count, we need to get rid of the electoral college. I could go on but I've got to somehow sleep for work tomorrow. Everyone take care!
  20. petemora

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    1. I did not choose my name.

    2. I did not choose how many brothers and sisters I have.

    3. There are so many people in the Bible, very imperfect people, as are we all, who were chosen by God to do good things. If we're all waiting for the "perfect" person or the "perfect" government system, we're in for a long wait! We have to use the people we have and the system we have to make things better!

    4. Sometimes I feel like I'm back in Junior High, with all the cliques and what that entails. I would rather compare policies than personalities.

    5. I am hoping the Republican National Convention will go well, as it's being held in my home state (Minnesota).

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