denial of being unwell

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by clerty, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. clerty

    clerty New Member

    is a terrible thing and I am sure it is making me worse
    I just cant accept I am unwell I keep thinking there is something else going on and when the doctors find it I will get well again they want me to take tablets that make me ill then tell me I am stressed of couse I am stressed
    I cant get medication to help with my stress LOL!!!
    do you all think accepting it has helped you a bit?

  2. NyroFan

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    I guess we all get like that from time to time.
    Once you hit acceptance it opens a whole world of opportunities.

    Some can get by with no meds for anxiety and some can not.
    You sound like a strong woman with a good sense of humor.

    I believe all will be well with you. Relax!

  3. clerty

    clerty New Member

    is my sense of fun I have that it keeps me going !!!

  4. sascha

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    coming to terms... acceptance, to me, implies giving up and passively letting the condition take charge. sometimes i have to do that, but on the whole, i'm always searching, trying for cures, never losing a part of me that thinks i can get well again.

    and coming to terms means making good decisions to chart your course and take care of yourself.

    that's my 2$ worth (i couldn't find a cents sign, but inflation has raised the price anyway). Sascha
  5. harmony21

    harmony21 New Member

    Yes denial is a normal process and I think you go in and out of it, some days you are more so than others. I have a friend who developed CF a few years ago, I immediately hopped on the net to find names of supplements that may benefit her conditions, she became really angry and said she had accepted her illness and didnt want any help, am confused realyy to what that meant......I think there is a fine line between accepting and denial cause you need to keep being proactive and find things that help yet is that denial?????? you understand what i mean???? its confusing but then I think that part of the illness too.
    I still have many days where I think someone is going to give me one thing and presto all my ills will disappear cause its too painful and overwhelming to consider the other......the main thing is just take each dau as it comes and enjoy it, my doc says to do plent of nice simple things, the things that make you happy in life and I guess I am very lucky Iam in a position that i can do that, I stopped work and letting my husband look after me, yes it will alter our living standard but whe have each other and a whole new perspective on life, at least its not terminal!!!!!!
    good luck and lots of healing light.
  6. Didoe

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    Hi Clerty

    I sort of waver back and forth, I think the weather or full moon has something to do with it...its either total denial becuase there are no options except hit the subway and get to the office or waiting to die. A nice moderate point of view, with meds that work would go along way to making life livable!

    Maybe when tests are finished and docs straighten my brain out a change in perspective (& meds) will help this to happen.
  7. bobbycat

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    I say to myself tommorrow I will feel like golfing, fishing, dancing, go hiking go to work and feel good about it and do all the things I love to do. I say to myself tommorrow I will wake up and feel no pain, not be depressed, not have to take any medications, not feel tired. I say to myself tommorrow I will be able to be the person I used to be I will smile alot, joke alot and have alot of fun. I say to myself I no longer will be reading on the FMS message board only because I need to be around people like me. The only problem is tommorrow never comes.
  8. novitality

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    I think I know exactly how you feel. I knew for about five years there was "something wrong" with me. I had so many tests! All negative. By the time a doctor diagnosed me I had diagnosed myself. But when I heard it, it was hard. Reality. I lost my job because I couldn't keep the hours and so on.

    But there was also a sense of relief. It had a name and I wasn't crazy. I read everthing I could on it. I am on meds and feel more control than controlled by it, although some days it wins.

    But acceptance meant I could deal with it and not beat myself up. It is okay to say no to people when I know if I do somethings it costs me too much phsysically. My sister was just diagnosed, but she is in the semi-denial phase. She's adjusting, like we all do; trying to figure out the best medical regime that works for her, since each of us is different.

    A cent or two of mine is: accept it and it will be better for you overall. Take care.

  9. harmony21

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    its not a matter of whinging or worrying and getting on with it, its a matter of dealing with FM on a daily basis and getting the best out and if you dont then there is always tomorrow. The thing is though you have to remind yourself everyday if not on a hourly basis. I believe we go through a grieving process and thats ok too. Talking to people like you guys who are feeling and experiencing the same helps heaps, it makes us feel less alone.
    Dont worry clerty we will get there just the same......
    its a matter of finding the right medication, supplements and regime and that not an easy task regardless what others say!

    love n light