Denied at ALJ level...I need your prayers

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by deb_46, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. deb_46

    deb_46 New Member

    I got my letter Friday and I was denied. I've been in a state of shock since then. I took some xanax and muscle relaxers Friday as I was so upset and I've been in and out since then.

    I was worried when the letter came as it was a thin one and I'd read that when someone got a favorable decision the letter was fat. Called my attorney and he was rather shocked as well, he felt we had good documentation and the hearing went well. He wondered if it made the judge mad that I had written my congressman to try and speed up my hearing date. My god, I had been waiting 13 months when I asked for help, I think I had waited long enough.

    I'm in a horrific emotional abusive marriage and the SSD was hopefully going to be my ticket out but now I'm stuck. Sometime yesterday while I was in and out I could hear alot of yelling, my two kids and my daughter-in-law came over trying to get through to my husband to quit treating my like he is. Every payday, if I haven't jumped through the proper hoops I don't get any money to live on.

    I'm crying so hard I'm going to have to get off, I'm going to appeal but I'm so disheartened I don't know how I'll hang on through that process.

    I'm so happy for all that have won here lately and wanted so badly to be one that posted a win as well.

  2. mjwarchol

    mjwarchol New Member


    I am so sorry for you. It took me three years to win my case. I did write my congressman and got things pushed up. I can't imagine that would make the judge angry enough to deny you.

    I understand what you are going through. I worked my whole life from 16 to 53. My husband wanted me to file, then when it took so long he kept complaining about it. He said he wouldn't have told me to file if he knew it would have taken so long. Even now he tells me I don't make anything even though I get $1385 a month. They are just jerks.

    The added stress of them makes this issue worse by increasing pain and emotionaly draining you. I don't know what to say to help, but know that many of us have been in the same situation. Don't give up the fight. Appeal, you worked for that benefit, you deserve it.

    Good luck.

    M J
  3. deb_46

    deb_46 New Member

    I'm still in a state of shock and needless to say feel like crap today from all the stress. As so many on here have said that unfortunately most of us don't look sick so it's hard to convey to others what this illness is like.

    I prayed so hard and many others did for me as well so I am confused as to why God allowed this, guess I'll find out somewhere down the road.

  4. lrning2cope

    lrning2cope New Member

    My lawyer was shocked too . The judge we had is known for turning down almost all of his disability cases. I'm sorry that on top of the stress of fighting for your case , your husband is taking his stress out on you.I have been in a major flare since my ALJ denial and the doctor has put me on morphine.

    I will certainly keep you and your husband in my prayers. God always listens and He always knows what is best for us. I believe that if the hearing with the ALJ was a denial for us , then God must have something even better coming up . I am believing that it will all work for the good for both you and I .Please keep me in your prayers too , OK ?

  5. deb_46

    deb_46 New Member

    I'm sorry to hear you had the same experience. Are you going to appeal? I know a judge is not going to award every case that comes through or else they would get replaced but it is hard when ours is picked to be denied.

    My judge was known to be rough and hateful. I will without a doubt keep you in my prayers as well.


  6. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    got sick in 2004- went out work in early 2005, filed for ssdi, got turned down and waited til jan 2007 for alj hearing.

    got denied,,,,,I did not put an appeal is as an appeal takes at leat 2 more years and the ssdi laws say if, the judge makes an error they have the right to correct their errors and STILL deny you at yet another alj hearing.

    So, they ( attorney) said to file a new claim- new claim
    filed may 2007- ----DENIED--Aug 2007- now waiting for alj hearing for the second time.

    On second try I could only use the date that the alj used to deny me. ( its ssdi laws).( Jan 2007 and nor May of 2005)

    I am just waiting and as frustrated as you. I have one fo the top doctors in the country I go to - have all the docomentaion ( as I did at the first alj ) go figure

    wishing you the best. Oh, my attorney advised me NOT to go the congressman route as that would make it bad for my claim.
  7. lip

    lip New Member

    Hi Deb very sorry about your being denied.
    I have been denied for disability insurance from Great West Life Insurance Company here in Ontario Can.
    I think the problem was in the way the doctor filled out the form.
    The first one he used the term "may have" and the second time he used the term "might have" fibromyalgia.
    The insurance company says they do not have enough evidence to prove that I have Fibromyalgia. But I'm still trying, I've got nothing to lose.
    As for your husband, stress can only make your condition worse.
    Maybe your kids can help you get away from this abusive relationship.
    If your sick or healthy know one deserves to be in a abusive relationship. My thoughts will be with you lip{living in pain}
  8. alangan1

    alangan1 New Member

    I was denied so many times I lost track and quit sending them back the papaer work. My idiot attorney wanted me to check into a psych ward and say i was going to kill myself, I said NO, the last thing I am losing is my integrity. He dumped me by the time the hearing came for not complying with his rotten legal advice. The day of the hearing i could barely crawl out of bed, it was early. I had not sent back the proper papers for my "trial". Oh, did I mention, I WON! God is still in control, it took me almost 3 years and a bankruptcy, dont give up. GO THAT FINAL MILE..I ALMOST DID NOT GET UP THAT DAY, ALMOST.
  9. deb_46

    deb_46 New Member

    I'm so confused on what to do. My lawyer didn't seem to think I needed to start a new case, I was crying so hard when I called him but I thought he said something like the appeals process if faster than it used to be but I could be wrong. He said I'll get something in the mail within a couple of days detailing why I got denied so will call him after that and see where we go from here.

    It would be so unfair to lose all that backpay. My elegiblilty goes back to Jan. 05.

  10. Glasgow_Hotty

    Glasgow_Hotty New Member

    Just keep putting up a fight and you will eventually win.

    The truth always prevails in the end.

  11. deb_46

    deb_46 New Member

    I'm trying not to but really having a hard time. I even made an appointment with a shrink, my husband is the one that needs to go, but since he is literally killing me emotionally I have to have someone outside the family tell me I'm going to survive this.

    As most of us here, this illness has done a number on me mentally but up till now tried to show a stiff upper lip and kept the mental stuff to myself, but I'm going to lay it all out for the Psch doc and send notes from seeing him with my appeal and see if I'm declared "wacky" if that will help. God knows, I'm really almost there.

    Thanks again for the encouragment, it really means alot to me, this board has been a savior for me.


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