Denied Soc.Sec. - Does that mean I'm better?!

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    Does anyone on this "Great" site ever feel like, on a good day or two, I must be getting better? Maybe soc.sec. is right and I should be working. I've had this about 2 yrs. now and I'm back at the stage of thinking this DD is going away..........T I L.......I dust and hurt all over, or clean bthrm. and am totally out of it, can walk for aprox. 5 min. before my hips hurt so bad, etc.........
    I'm really at the point of no return mentally!!!!!!! I have family but no one really knows what to say to me SO they just don't call or come around. My friends, since I had to sell my condo and move 40 miles away to live w/sis & her hubby, won't even come to see me. I DRIVE to see them and they know and see how hard it is on me. Hard to get out of car and walk after the 45min drive.
    I actually emailed a "friend" and told him that I have no idea why I'm still hanging around. Guess you can say that I've just had enough. The loneliness is killing me, mentally. I know, I'm supposed to go out and find someone to talk to but, I just can't do it.
    Hey, sorry but I needed to tell someone. It makes me feel better for a "little" while.
    So, thanks for letting me vent. You all are so wonderful with listening when someone, like me, really has no one to talk to.
    Betty (ALL alone & lost in Lancaster, ca.)
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    You didn't say if you had tried to appeal with SSA. I can relate to how you feel so down but PLEASE pick yourself back up. I know how hard it is. I struggle with loneliness and depression daily but I try to get out and have contact with others. Even if it means just going to the library down the street or the store. It is hard for me to make new friends and all my family is 800 miles away. So with the exception of gentleman friend I have little contact with others beyond his daughters and their husbands coming over now and then. Being alone too much just exacerbates the pain for me. I begin thinking about myself way too much. One of the reasons I go to Curves isn't just to exercise but to be among other women with a common goal.

    I don't want to sit here and preach. I only write this so that I can hopefully be of some help. I can relate to how you feel. Value yourself as a person. I am sure you have many good qualities and Fibro does not define us. Please don't let this DD defeat you. I'll be praying for you. Be strong
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    Almost all get turned down on their first try. You should get a SS lawyer if you don't have one.
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