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    I am so bummed out that I am about ready to cry, I was hoping that the reason they were taking so long is that they finally decided to approve the measly 548.00 a month.
    I have cfs, fibromyalgia, asthma, osteoarthritis,IBS, migraines and memory problems, yet they say in this letter that they don't think that these problems will last 12 months. I had to quit my job in Oct of 01, yet they say they have no documentation before Oct. 02, so they say that is when my disability started. I don't know where they came up with that crap. Where do they get these people? So now my next step is to go in front of a judge and have a hearing! I would appreciate any advice about what to expect from a hearing and I guess also that I just need some hugs.. Thanks everybody
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    I am so sorry to hear that you got denied. Was this on reconsideration level? If so, I read on Scott Davis' site that i think it is 82% of people get denied at this level. I am also at reconsideration level but am not getting my hopes up. I just like to think of reconsideration a stepping stone before you get to see a judge.

    I cannot offer any advice to you as I have only been denied once. I can just tell you I am sorry. Have you hired an attorney yet?
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    Hi, I have my SSID and boy it was a struggle to get it but one thing I made sure of, was to document everything concerning my condition. I had friends, family, and co-workers write testimonies on my behalf discussing their thoughts on my illness and what I was like before and after it started. Get started on that right away!!! Also I got copies of all my medical records, letters that doctors wrote on my behalf. A description of my occupation, resume and what I did before I got sick. My wife helped me do a lot of this. On another note, you need to see the right doctors (with really good credentials) who will take a stance for you and write a disability report on your behalf. This may cost you in the short run but it’s so important if you want the benefits. If you don’t already have this information to backup your claim, try to delay seeing the judge until you are able to present your case with all of this. The judge is not going to feel sorry for you. Check to see if someone at your previous workplace can help you verify when this all started for you (Very important!!!). Get as many letters from as many people as possible that will help support your claim with the facts.

    I’m not sure what else to tell you accept to not give up. My wife and I represented ourselves without a lawyer and was able to make a good case for my disability and we won.

    I hope I have helped in someway, I know have frustrated one can get with the people at SSI. Good luck and here’s the big HUG……………@%&$$.

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    I am 49 so i'm no spring chicken. lol I hired an attorney who specializes in soc. sec. cases after I got denied the first time. It is all just so frustrating. I moved from Ohio to Arizona after I got diagnosed to be with family. My former boss is back in Ohio but I am sure that I could get her to write a letter for me. I don't know about you all but I just find all of this to be overwhelming. I thank you for the support, it is great to hear from others that have gone through this.
    ((((((((HUGS)))))))) to ALL of you.
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    through this also. I have gotton denied twice and I go infront of the BIG J on May 6th!! Could any one tell us what kind of questions, that the judges have asked?? I was told I would be in the court room for a half hour and that there will be a volcational rehab person there also. s that normal???? Thanks Linda
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    I just started a thread explaining my success with SSA. I am so sad to see how hard this has been for so many of you.Let's joing forces and see if we can't make some changes.My heart goes out to you.
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    I wanted to respond to those of you who have suggested a good SSID lawyer. This maybe the route for some and maybe most you, however, a lawyer will tell you the same thing that I did in my earlier statement. Be prepared with good documentation concerning your illness. This documentation needs to paint a clear and concise picture of the onset of your illness and why it has changed your life, explaining why you are not able to work at any occupation. The questionnaires that SSID gives you must be filled out with great detail. “Skeesix” is correct in saying that *disabled* according to SS means *you can't work for at least 12 months at any job*. "Any job" is the key words here. You must prove this with backing information. Part of the deal with the lawyers I spoke with is if they win they will get a cut of your benefits (20 to 35%) for the entire time you receive these benefits. I feel strongly that this is completely unethical and wrong. Some lawyers may just take a cut of your initial reward of one year or more of benefits. If you should find a good lawyer, go with a flat fee arrangement if you can. Having someone help you do this is so important, a close relative or friend that is good with words. I was lucky to have a dear sweet and wonderful wife to help or I would not have been able to do it myself.

    A lawyer might be the best route for you if you are not able to function well or lack the support but so many of them don’t have your best interest in mine. So if you do go that route, try to get some referrals from other people who have used their services. Also, interview at least 5 lawyers, asking them as many questions as possible about how they will proceed with your claim. Go with the one that seems the most knowledgeable and ethical.

    I am very anxious to see “Acupuncture” thread on this subject when he/she has completed it. This would be a good bit of information to have on this site. Information on how to fight Disability Insurance companies would also be a great resource to have. This is my current situation and you must have a really good lawyer for this.

    Wish you well and much success with your claim.

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    It's just as difficult in the UK. Very often here some less severely effected claimants are successful when those who are in dire straits are refused.

    When I worked in the voluntary sector in the UK years ago one thing became very clear - that the claimant had to be seen to meet the criteria. If that criteria is rigid and does not allow for fluctuations in severity of symptoms/disablity then wrong decisions will made made. It can also be difficult to get the significance of the fatigue across.

    Get help to understand the critieria before you go for your hearing.

    I found a wonderful way of getting my point across was to use their words then turn them into what I wanted to say. In my case it showed I may have a loopy brain but I wasn't stupid.

    I know only too well how awful all this is.

    Good luck

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    The lawyer that I have seems to be a good one, you can imagine my surprise the first time I saw him and he is in a wheelchair. I don't know what illness he has and I didn't want to seem rude asking him but he seems like the type of person that would really put up a fight. I am going to have some family, friends and old bosses to write letters for me. I know that I am going to be scared to death when I go for that hearing, I just hope the judge isn't a mean one. Thanks again.

    P.S. I wonder what would happen if we were all to ban together somehow and try to get the way social security looks at disability changed. I don't think that it is right the way they treat people and the stress that they put on people who are disabled. What do you think?
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    i live in tucson also i just got my approval letter this morning

    email mail me i will tell you what helped me, my emails on my profile