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    I finally received my notice for a hearing Nov 5. Met with the attorney last Wednesday. After all this time of having my info. He tells me that I waited to long to apply. Not enough credits. I waited 15 years because I did not want to have to receive benefits. But my husband lost his medical insurance so we really need the extra income. So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas between now and then on how to help. thanks
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    From what I understand, if you can prove that you were disabled 15 years ago, and that is why you stopped working (medical records), then your date of being disabled was actually 15 years ago, and the social security credits you had at that time should apply. (I read this by Scott Davis on the old website. He discussed a case similar to this.) Maybe you need a different attorney. I have heard good things about ALLSUP.

    Also, if you have to, you can still apply for SSI. For SSI there is no income credit requirement. In fact, you don't even have to have worked at all. But there are income restrictions, a few asset restrictsions, etc. Do a search for "SSI" on internet. (The payments you receive will be lower with SSI than with SSDI)

    Also, go to your library and check out the book "NOLO'S Guide to Social Security Disability". It is very informative and addresses these issues.

    Do a search for "Disinissues". This is a group of well-seasoned disability people who help others trying to get disability with CFS. EXCELLENT HELP THERE.

    Finally, there is an organization called "Social Security Disability Coalition" which is supposed to help people with problems such as yours. (I hope I have the correct name.)

    Hope this can help.
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    "...Generally, you need 20 credits (depends on age) earned over ten years, ENDING with the YEAR you become disabled."


    Federal laws and regulations recognize that your income may have declined between the period when you worked and when you stopped working because of your disability. Because your SSDI benefits depend on your earnings, the SSA recognizes that it is usually to your advantage to have your earning record "frozen" to reflect the higher income before you were disabled. Therefore, the SSA will exclude from your benefit calculations low income quarters of earnings resulting from a period of disability, unless it's to your financial advantage to include those quarters."

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