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  1. opticaltech

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    IM MAD!...I just came back from the public assistance office. I applied for food stamps...Looks like I dont qualify!...My husband makes too much money......They calculate using the earnings before taxes....I have been unemployed and in "Limbo" for over 2 years..I finally broke down and went to ask for aid....You wouldnt believe the people there applying for aid......alot of teenage girls with babies. I could tell the worker wanted to help me. I would appreciate any suggestions...Thanks...Lina
  2. PVLady

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    Can you apply for state disability? It sounds like you certainly qualify medically...

    My brother recently was on state disability, first it was very easy. His doctor completed the forms and I believe that covered up to one year.

    Then he applied for permanent disability and was awarded it first time around. He is also in California.

    Were any of your medical problems possibly caused from your work? You can also think about filing for workers' compensation if that is the case.
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  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    file for unemployment if you can...i did even while i had applied for ssdi. i won my case by the way.

    file section 8 housing if you can...

    call salvation army

    there are food banks as well to go to.

    i got to go study

  4. blonderescue

    blonderescue New Member

    The rules of life have changed for you.

    You won't like what I am going to say.

    Get a divorce - then re-apply.

    Survival is the name of the game.

    It is your new job.

    Peace and love

  5. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    spent some money on stamps
    and wrote in hand writing to comapnies with a thing from their product praising it- and they sent me tons of free coupons .
    i did that for a long time. everyone was stunned at the checkout lines...
    anyway, that helped us some. plus,
    i have even asked at places if i could have what they got rid of BEFORE they dumped it...:)
    sometimes a person just cant be too proud you knw and have to take the bull by the horns even
    tho i was embarressed,
    i got tons of free foods.
  6. opticaltech

    opticaltech New Member

    I am currently pending SSDI and Workers comp claim...Im between a rock and an hard place...If things dont turn around soon I must go live with my mother in law!....
    I checked food banks and you have to qualify financially and some say you have to be 60 or over or have children under 6...or be pregnant...I have neither!...The food banks are not like they used to be according to my sister who used to frequent them.....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P>S>....I cant apply for unemployment because of these pending claims...Lina[This Message was Edited on 10/18/2006]
  7. 1faith

    1faith New Member

    Many churches have food pantries-and most will take you at your word that you need help. Good luck!!!
    PS You do not have to necessarily be a member of the church you seek help from.
  8. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    I'm sorry opticaltech. I mean that. It may be because of the state you live in. No, not the paiful one silly. I live in Fillintheblank Oh, and I get food stamps. Even if you got them, they would reduce them any time your income raises. It's another of many catch 22's that happen in bureaucacys. Every time my wife gets a few cents raise she has to report it. then they lower the amount of your and my tax money they give us. How does anyone get ahead by staying equal? Their math doesn't make sense. At least they feel good that they've helped. I say the state you live in because there's not to many people trying to flee California. In these midnorthern states they are. It's a popularity thing California doesn't have to try as hard to keep you.
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  9. opticaltech

    opticaltech New Member

    Trust me...this state sucks!...sorry!...Its not even beautiful here...its a concrete jungle!...This is my last year here...just waiting for the workers comp case to be over with!...I dont understand why people want to live here!....L.
  10. srollins

    srollins New Member

    understand why they go by your income before taxes. how stupid is that? you can't use money you don't have and since you have to give it to uncle sam you don't have it in your hand.

    i am not even a brain surgeon, but i can count money!

  11. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    Remeber, the cash benefit for a 3 person household is whopping $546.0/ month. 2 person is less, of course. Anything above that will disqualify food stamps. The government assistance have not been raised for quite a few years and doesn't follow inflation.

    Living on state assistance is a sad situation. Check out United Way, the know which churches have food distribution programs in your area, and they will provide you with a voucher. Their income limit is calculted differently and is morte generous.

    Don't worry about the income before taxes! I calculated heating assistance in the past, we used the same principle as DSHS in calculating benefits, and we deducted tax in the calculation. That's just how things works.

    I hope it works out for you.
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  12. 1975jet

    1975jet New Member

    I really am sorry to hear what you or anyone that has paid into the system and gets turned down- It is a down right shame..... when I applied for help- I had just applied for SSD and my DH is getting SSD- I wanted to hopefully get help with medical- Got turned down because my DH makes too much money on SSD- we did get alloted some food stamps- at least that much- There are alot of things in the community that can help- try churches, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities- we also have here a Community Action,alot of pantry's are starting to open for the holidays...

    I wish there was an easy fix, and I really know how you feel- when I left Soc. Ser. the first day after spending 4 hours waiting and seeing the people that were coming in and out -it truly made me upset with our government. Hang in there and try around- DON't Give UP....
    Hugs Janet
  13. KWHops

    KWHops New Member

    Just this week, i broke down and applied as a single woman with no children. I had to 'fabricate the truth' and say that I live with my sister. maybe you could say that you and your husband are separated.....but the kicker is that I got approved for a whopping $155 per month...less than $5 per the he### do you eat for $5 per day??

    Oh well, at least it's something. Now if my disability will just get approved....but of course then I will make too much money to approx. $300 per week.

    The system sux

  14. Geegafer

    Geegafer New Member

    I know exactly what you're going through. I lost my job I have no insurance. I have all these health problems and I cannot get any State or Government help what so ever.
    I have applied for everything there is out there and I was told by one social worker that if my husband was incarcerated or if I were an illegal I would qualify. That makes me so angry. My husband and I have worked for the last 30 years and have "put into the cookie jar" and now that things are bad and I need the help there is nothing for me. I had to have surgery last year and it wiped us out. We are struggling to keep our home. I have also been out of work for 2 1/2 years and I can't find any work that I am physically able to do.
    I work as a volunteer at a non-profit Christain organization and do counseling for young pregnant girls. You wouldn't believe the situations I see with these girls and I have to find them medical help and guess what. It's all free. They keep having babies and we keep paying for them but there is no help for us. Go figure.
    It's so frustrating isn't it?
    I wish I could give you some good advice but I'm in the same boat.
    Can you qualify at a food pantry for some help with puting food on the table? Or if you're in a church maybe they can help.
    I'll pray for you.
    God Bless
  15. 1975jet

    1975jet New Member

    It just breaks my heart to read all this stuff---- I just wish I could do something to help all these people that are in the cracks- It is a darn shame when you work all your life,pay into the system- pay all the taxes and when YOU need help- they make you feel like you broke the law.

    HELL---O something is wrong with this system......We are going through the same things- and it does not make what health you have better-STRESS,STRESS....Some days I think ok I could maybe work 2 hours, BUT everyday is different and somedays it is hard to even move the body. I just don't understand things...BUT we are all in this together, maybe we should Lobby altogether somewhere.... Hugs Janet
  16. daylight

    daylight New Member

    I first called to see if I could get a phone interview. They said yes but didn't call me back until two weeks later. By that time I'd waited three hours down there to find out they believe that a family of four can survive on 2000. a month! They didn't care that rent here is almost that much or about our bills or that my husband just started the job after be out of a job for two months and me on short term disabliity.
    I funny the gov. doesn't want the homeless but they sure know how to create the homeless. My husband is working very hard to provide but the cost of live is killing us. I even tried to find a job recently but the dept of rehab. doesn't think that I am re trainable?
    Some one needs to rethink this so called "wealthfare "proceces.

    Does anyone know of a website that sends you free food coupons through the mail? I don't have a printer.Living on rice,beans and top romen is making me sick.
  17. daylight

    daylight New Member

  18. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Same here.
    I applied 2 yrs ago and I was denied Foodies (FS) because of a lousy $30 a month over the limit!
    we are a family of 5 living on less then 30 grand annually.

    How in hell can they base it on your GROSS income!!???

    I feel like I'm living in Kuwait!
    The system is horrible.
    I see another topic for Micheal Moore :)
  19. kat-E

    kat-E New Member

    Look up the Angel Food program online to see if there are any in your area. They offer bundles of food for cheap!!! You pay up front at one time of the month and you go pick it up a couple of weeks later. It is really an awesome idea. It is not based on income. It is a co-op.

    Most services you apply for will be based on his income and the guidelines are about the same across the board.

    Have you asked your church for local options for help.

    I hope this helps some.


  20. beeleaf

    beeleaf New Member

    This was many years ago, and it may vary from state to state, but I was also turned down. Why? Because my room-mate's car was too new. That's why I question whether divorce would help. They went by the household, even though I'm the only one who applied. Neither of us had a job or a spouse. My vehicle was old, but it didn't matter.

    On a brighter note, the food bank helped us out. I still have a soft spot in my heart for all food banks.

    I'm sorry you had to go through this. I remember the place I went to was packed, with wild children running around everywhere. Not a pleasant experience. Not a quick process, either. Think that adds to the frustration of being denied.

    Best wishes.

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