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    I just read your post and feel immensely moved. Now you certainly have a partner to be proud of there and you don't need me telling you that.

    It can't have been a barrel load of laughs for you having to go through all that, having to be nursed and tended to so intensively.

    I'd like to ask you how you managed to get through that? I just cant begin to must both of you be made out of really tough stuff.
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    I wrote you a lovely letter under your post and it disappeared. Poof its gone.
    Anyway the gist of it was that this board will continue. So have your husband post here. Or he can go to the chit chat board as well as you. It is friendly informative and just a lot of fun. If Dan wants to post over here instead of chit chat he can say go read my post and we will follow.
    take care and visit often. All three boards.

    Mom Lynda
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    Your respnses have warmed my heart so much!! I would love to take care of my Danny boy, but, sometimes I just cant, and to know that you wonderful people are opening your hearts up for this incrediable man makes me speechless, let alone sitting here crying my eyes out with joy!!!

    Karenanne; I am thinking back through this last year, and I come up with only one conclusion, The love that this family has for each other, it just kept us pushing, at times that I felt like giving up, All it took was to look into Dans, Marcus(son19),Krystal(daughter16) and Billys (brother) eyes and there not wanting to lose me, made me carry on!! there is something about seeing the people that love you, have tears in there eyes, while they are looking at you that inspired me to get better not only for them but for me to, I was not ready to lose that, not yet!!!!
    Then that is when I started to pray to god, to please let me have this just a little longer! and he listened!

    P.S. be patient with Dan I just got him on the comp. yesterday.