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    Guess what Pain Doctor is on my HMO? The one you mentioned the other day, El K?, anyway, can you tell me a little more about him?

    I talk a lot of things over with my Orthopedic Surgeon's Nurse, she has been so nice and understanding, and is also so cheerful when helping me.

    Well I had to call her today, beacuse on Sat. Hubby moved a end table and didn't put it back. SO of course I hit it with my leg, right at the knee, and on the one that has had Surgery before. Trouble is my Doc'.s out of town, so I had to go see my PC.

    Anyway, as we were talking about my having to have surgery before to long, she suggested that I see a Pain Dr.
    I asked who they would send me to, on the HMO plan I have.
    Yep it's your guy. I told her I was going to ask you about him first, because I remember you making some previous posts about Pain and the problems getting treated.

    Tried to go through the back message's , but I'm tired, Hurting all over, and very Discouraged at this point.

    I'm going to try some PT before doing any Surgery, and if a Pain Specialist can help, then great.

    I just won't let them do the Injection's, my Past experience's have been bad with Needles in my Back.
    So I won't do it. You said that the Dr. won't give you Pain Med's without them? Sound's like Blackmail to me.

    You have the right to refuse any treatment, and since you did express concerns about the cortezone(spelling sucks), he should not force you or keep you from getting relief from Pain med;s if that;s what works the best for you.

    What a nighmare this year is turning out for me, a HMO that sucks, need surgery, have 2 more dx's, TMJ and Mastodistis, and of course the ever present Cyst on my little pinkie.
    Knee's not swollen, but badly bruise, and I have to stay off of it. Duh!

    I get so sick of this, ya know?

    Anyway cany information on this Dr. would help with my desicion, no one say's I have to see him, just wondered if maybe it would help. i want to have a decent Summer and one Last Road Trip.

    sharon/kredca4 ( and former Star Pupil of Proffesor Jacobs, lol)
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    I didn't know you were having Surgery, you don't worry about me and the Dr. ok? Cause you and your Health comes first.

    I have already decided to not go if there are injections involved.

    I will keep you in my Prayer's. I'll check your other Post's to see what your going to have done.