Dental Abscesses

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  1. Plantscaper

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    I would like to know how many people with CFS/FM have had excessive amounts of dental problems, mostly dental caries and resulting dental abscesses. I also have Sjogren's Syndrome, which definitely, may be the triggering factor, but I read a few years back that the Gulf War Syndrome people were complaining about the same.
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    Hello Plantscaper,

    I have wondered about this myself. I am currently having some odd pain and numbness in a tooth (teeth) that makes me wonder back to 1994 . . . that is when I had a seriously infected root canal and had to have my tooth extracted. Not sure how long afterwards (a couple of months?) I had CFS. Can't quite make the leap that it triggered CFS, but now, I am having more problems with my teeth.

    In particular, I believe to be an abcessed tooth. Quite painful, throbbing, etc. Comes and goes . . . been like this for a while. However, no dental insurance (or money). I really would like to have it looked at soon.

    Any idea as to how much problems teeth could cause to the rest of your body, regardless of CFS?


  3. Mikie

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    And I've had three abscessed teeth requiring root canals. I've also suffered other infections, one of them quite strange.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Plantscaper

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    Dear Richard, If you have Sjogren's Syndrome, which has been reported to be somewhat frequent with CFS, it produces an extremely dry mouth..I have to drink water constantly and I still feel dehydrated all the time and I live in a very dry climate, too, which contributes as well. Anyway, I have discussed this frequently with the dental profession and they indicate that it causes dental caries and abscessed teeth, because saliva rinses out your mouth and I never have much saliva. Sjogren's is another autoimmune disease, which causes your salivary glands to be nonfunctional.. I think, also, if you have gum disease, that can cause cardiac problems. I, now, brush, floss,etc. within 30 minutes of eating anything because I have gone through about 6 root canals within the last 12 years. But, I think that the reason they become abscessed are because bacterial infections cause absccessed teeth, and that is linked, I think, to our poor immune systems that don't have adequate defenses..Also, I have read how bad the dental water is that is used on our teeth every time they are "cleaned" or any dental procedure. It is contaminated with all kinds of sewage!! I don't know how the dental profession gets away with it, and it may be the way we transfer diseases from on person to the next!! AMELIA[This Message was Edited on 01/30/2003]
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    I would have expected a more educated responce. Please reply.
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    I know Mikie knows alot about these
    DD's but I don't think she's a dentist or a doctor. She doesn't need
    me to defend her, but I don't think it's fair expecting her to know the
    answers to everything. There are lots
    of sites on the internet with information about most anything also
    that could be researched. Just my
    thought. Bambi
  7. Dara

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    some had to be extracted right away. Others, I had root canals done and then anywhere from six months to a year later that would get infected and have to be extracted.

    What on earth is a dental carie?? I have never heard of that term.

  8. JacqDobson

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    Yes, Plantscaper I too suffer with abscesses and lots of other dental problems. Swollen gums for no reson at all. I'm now back on antibiotics. The dentist told me yesterday that he wasn't too sure if the problem with the tooth was being caused by the bad ear infection that I'm suffering or if the tooth infection was causing the ear infection!
  9. Plantscaper

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    Dear Dara, You mean you had a root canal tooth that became re-infected...I thought the root canal took out all of the roots of the tooth that can become infected..altough I have heard that sometimes people have to have their root canals worked on again..which really becomes expensive..I have a tooth, right now, however, that I am having some pain with that has had a root canal+crown...AMELIA
  10. PrincessofYoga

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    I have to add to this. I have had teeth problems since I was a kid, one root canal after another. I just made a call to my dentist when I was a kid (in another state) and found out he used all amalgam fillings. My fillings are starting to come out, it seems all at once, and I think i am showing the signs of poisoning. See, amalgam filings are over 70% mercury. Eww!

    So, I will be visiting the dentist soon. I have been avoiding it because I have been able to feel everything when they work on my teeth. Even when the entire side of my face and neck is numb I can feel it. I knew it was too much when I accidentally punched my dentist! lol

    Good luck to you in finding answers. Every one of us has our own battles to get through.

  11. lumediluna

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    Yeah, I have dental issues too. [This Message was Edited on 07/15/2003]
  12. Plantscaper

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    HI Lisa, They have to use a lot more novocaine on me than ever before, and sometimes, for a root canal they have not been able to deaden the tooth enough to do the procedure. I would let them know if you are feeling too much pain... I would have to wait for the nerve to die because root canals are way to painful if the they can't deaden the nerve.
  13. Dara

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    Yes I have had several teeth that I had to have a root canal done on then the crown, and then later had to have them extracted. It was explained to me that there are some people that root canals just are not successful on. One of the reasons being a high number of a certain bacteria in the mouth. The last 3 or 4 root canals I do still have, but I have had countless ones extracted. I have areas in my mouth where the tooth has been extracted and still have a toothache. The dentist said it was the irritated soft tissues surrounding where the tooth had been. As far as the root canal goes there are also times where the canal gets infected, causing the abcess. At one point I swore I would never have another one, it was painful, expensive, and then to turn around just to have it extracted. But, for some reasons the ones I have had in the past 4 or 5 years are OK, but they can still cause me pain and a feeling of pressure. Guess I'm just wierd.........

  14. Mikie

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    Hmmmmm, a more educated reply. Well, let's see; I think the part about the caries, abscessed teeth, and root canals was pretty straight forward. You must be referring to the rest of the post. The reason I didn't go into more detail is because my other infections were not dental related. But, since inquiring mind(s?) want to know...

    Every time I have had surgery, I have developed an infection in the area of the surgical site.

    I developed a rash which became infected under my arms in the armpit area. It took forever for the docs to decide what it was. It cultured as a staph infection which was resistant to treatment. It was assumed that a sample of spray deodorant I received in the mail was the culprit. I had thrown away the can long ago, but the strain of staph was similar to one which infected many babies through contaminated baby powder.

    My doc finally scraped some of the pus (I apologize for being so graphic, but you asked for it :) and grew it in the lab. It was used to make a staph toxoid serum. I received injections of it to stimulate my immune system to attack it. It took two years for the rash to finally clear up. It was miserable in the summertime and looked awful. To this day, if I get an adrenalin rush from a close call in traffic, my armpits will start to burn and itch.

    Sorry if this is not educated enough, but it's the best I can do this morning.

    Love, Mikie
  15. pepper

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    I have had a lot of dental work done and consequently have a mouth full of amalgams that I am very gradually having replaced. I have had 3 root canals done and I had a terrible abscess in the fall - the day before we were to go on a 3 wk trip. Trip cancelled.

    I get my teeth cleaned every 3-4 months because my gums are so bad. They bleed all the time even when I just brush. The only time there was little or no bleeding during a visit to the dentist was when I was on Diflucan. Perhaps the bleeding is candida related. (???)

    When I had the abscess and root canal in the fall I had it done by an excellent endodontist. He did a great job and I didn't feel a thing. I don't freeze well so he gave me as much freezing as I needed. I highly recommend an endodontist.

  16. PrincessofYoga

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    Oh my...I must say this. Amalgam is SOOO Harmful!!!! They are made up of 70% mercury. They have taken mercury thermometers off the market because of the potential hazards...!!!!

    Please, get another dentists opinion. There is a site that has alot of information on it. Please see There is some frightening information on there that will make you want to have all of those out...pronto!!!

  17. thren

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    Hi, I have read that according to researcg done in the 1920s root canals stayed sterile for about 2 days after work and then start to build up bacteria again.

    I have CFS and tremendous teeth problems, the smallest infection undermines me worse than having a cold.
    Root cnanls dont seem to work and I keep getting my teeth extracted. I find a lot of this info. really interesting also about there still being infection around the area a tooth has been removed.
    Does anyone know more about this?
  18. Mikie

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    My root canals have worked well (knock on wood). My last one was in a molar and was done by an endodontist. I will never have another one done by a dentist. The endodontist is a specialist.

    I've heard all this stuff about root canals being so bad for us, but my experience has not confirmed this.

    I do think we have to be extra careful of our dental hygeine, especially if we take meds which produce dry mouth.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Plantscaper

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    Although, even sometimes that doesn't work..I brush/floss my teeth within thirty minutes of eating keep it as clean as possible. My longtime dentist told me this is how long it takes for bacteria to build from what you have eaten..and since, I also, have Sjogren's Syndrome (causes extremely dry mouth) that has been the culprit in my many abscesses that have led to either root canals or tooth extractions..

    thren-I have found that I need to be on antibiotics, now, whenever, I have any dental work done..Have you seen the reports, that have indicated how bad the dental water is, that is in the machines that they use to work on your teeth..from the cleaning of teeth, fillings, root canals, extractions, etc..It is full of bacteria and other crud that is passed from one person's mouth to another's. Anyone with a compromized immune system is going to have a worse time being able to combat that exposure..Finally, an endodontist admitted that I REALLY NEED to be on ANTIBIOTICS for rootcanals and extractions due to the invasive procedures...I don't really understand your point, but I know that I have reduced my abscessed teeth, by always getting antibiotics, now, for dental procedures..

    However, now I presently have a tooth that has had a root canal (a year ago), but will not hold the crown because there is so little tooth left, so probably will have to go back to dentist to have the tooth rebuilt..AND new crown..

    On the positive side, it seems that I have prevented gum disease by brushing and flossing so much..My dentist says that I have some of the healthiest gums he has ever seen..and Gum Disease is a real problem in my family history.
    If you have Sjogren's, your mouth will be extremely dry (dental instruments stick to my mouth), and you really need to drink a lot of water.. and I chew gum to always have saliva in my mouth..there are other medical drugs, you can take to produce saliva, but more expensive..although, even that, doesn't prevent a "desert-effect sensation".

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  20. Bellesmom

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    I don't think either one of them worked out. Had to have one of the teeth removed (dentist thought I was allergic to the gold crown maybe?). I was his assistant at the time.

    The second tooth removal (mind you I've had good care and taken good care of my teeth all my life) was due to pain on right side of mouth, right? The day I had the tooth removed I could still feel the pain and it has never gone away. So I figured it was the tooth right next to it where the gum has really receded.

    About 5 months after I became ill with this FMS/CFIDS or whatever it is, I got what I thought was an abcess on that side of my mouth. So off I went to my dentist only to find out he could not find anything wrong with any of my teeth.

    I have kept this area of my mouth cleaned with salt water, peroxide rinses and etc for the past 2 years and I have constant pain, constant irritation of my gums plus the whole side of my head. Both my dentist and doctor gave me antibiotics once each and then doctor one more time. I still have a little bit of greenish-yellow stuff that seeps out, still have the pain. Still don't know what's wrong because neither says they can figure out what is wrong and I don't have the $$ to go to specialists (if I knew which one to go to) to find out what is wrong with me.

    So I have all the symptoms of something ugly wrong with me and have to live with it.

    Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth here since it seems dental with me but I've been told it's not. It would cost me around $600 to $700 to have this one tooth removed (can't afford it) and am still not sure if this would fix the problem.

    Sorry about everyone's dental problems. It's a real pain to try so hard to take care of your teeth and then end up with problems anyway.