Dental anesthetic didn't work

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  1. lease79

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    It didn't work. Not at all.

    45 minutes worth of mind bending pain like I have never experienced EVER in my life, more shots of anesthetic than I have EVER had for one tooth (they tried different types too) & then actually drilling into my tooth & jaw bone repeatedly to administer the anasthetic that way directly into the jaw bone & the tooth was still not even slightly numb.

    I couldn't believe it. I only had 12 teeth left in my head & NOTHING like this had ever happened before??!!

    After crying, screaming out in pain, smacking his hands & impliments out of the way during 4 good attempts to pull it out un-numb the options were -

    1. Leave the tooth as it was, go on painkillers & anti-biotics for the NEXT THREE YEARS on the public waiting list to get it pulled under a general OR-

    2. Pull it out then & there despite the anesthetic not working.

    I was sitting up, & ready to go home, but let him try one more time purely because it was hurting SOOOOOOO bad & painkillers just DON'T work for me because of the fibro.

    The receptionist went & got Jace (hubby) out of the car & brought the kids into the waiting room to watch them.
    Jace held onto my hands, (he wouldn't let me hold onto his, it had to be the other way round so I didn't boof anyone.)

    Despite sheer utter agony, he actually got it out.
    Seriously, it's something that after having ALL my top teeth out whilst awake & 5 bottom teeth out also just under a local, I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED before.

    I've had one bottom tooth that only partially numbed & that really 'hurt' being pulled out, but with this one I could feel everything, it didn't work AT ALL. It was like someone was ripping one of my limbs out & there was NO pain relief.

    My Mum's grumpy at the dentist, but honestly he did all that he could & it wasn't his fault at all. He's always looked after me despite my 'phobia' of being there. It was just my dang tooth.

    He said once every while you will get one that will just NOT go numb, no reason, it just wont. Looks like I just got lucky.

    I am booking myself into the local clinic to get the rest of the work I need done immediately, so I don't need to loose anymore.

  2. pammy52

    pammy52 New Member

    So sorry you had to go through such a horrible ordeal.

    Good for you that you are going to get the rest of your teeth taken care of so you don't have to have another experience like that.

    I assume you had an absessed tooth.
    Having been a dental assistant for 10 yrs.,I know that a bad absess will cancel out the effects of novacaine.
    Sometimes it takes a longer course of antibiotics or stronger ones then what may normally be prescribed to get the infection under control.

    Not really knowing what your healthcare system is like in Australia, I can only go by what you wrote and it sounds as though it is difficult to get an appt. to begin with.

    Good luck with getting the rest of the care you need.

  3. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    Thanks for your reply.
    Funny thing about this tooth, is that it was broken badly, almost in 1/2, & it was a back tooth (the one in front of the wisdom tooth...) But I lost the wisdom tooth last year & was very VERY ill from how bad it was. Left it until I was delirious from the pain.
    But this time the tooth started to give me trouble & I was straight in there.
    The x-ray today didn't show any great abcess, but he told me for how bad it looked (the tooth,) & the fact that it was painful that it would have had to have been abcessed.
    I'm just guessing that I have/had a really weird nerve...

    Thanks again

  4. Adl123

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    Dear Lisa,
    So sorry about all tht pain you had to suffer.

    I thought I would mention something someone told me once. There is such a thing as acupucture anesthesia. It was suggested to me because I thought I was allergic to the anesthetics that dentists use. I haven't tried it, but it is an option.

    Good luck,
  5. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    for the last tooth I had pulled. The dentist thought I was lying, but no way! Then he stood with the tooth in the pliers or whatever they use while he twisted and pulled on it and talked to a fellow dentist in the door way. It never DID kill all the pain and if I could have gotten loose from that instrument I would have left, but I couldn't even move my mouth the way he had the tooth.
  6. nixie

    nixie New Member

    My dentist is always surprised by the amount of meds he has to use to deaden the pain when he pulls one of my teeth. It' a problem for people who are hypothyroid. Beautician can't get a permanent to take on my hair either,unless the solution is left on for much longer than the usual time.
  7. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    I'm glad to know that I am not the only one.
  8. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    Sorry to hear about your horror show.

    I, too, learned the hard way when I had a root canal that I need about three times the normal dose of novacaine to numb me now and about twice the normal course of painkillers afterwards.

    There are dentists out there that practice "sedation dentistry" which is where you get valium before hand and novocaine and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or a twilight sleep cocktail while the work is being done. Perhaps that will help you more than just novacaine.

    Hope you feel better soon.
    Madame Curie
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  9. TXFMmom

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    Got an infected tooth or anything, and trying to get the surrounding tooth numbed is VERY, VERY UNLIKELY.


    Nitrous, the local, which isn't very effective, and some morphine or fentanyl, (PERSONALLY, I THINK DEMEROL IS ONE DUMB, AWFUL DRUG WHICH DOESN'T WORK AND I NEVER, EVER GAVE IT TO MY PATIENTS FOR PAIN), the only thing Demerol is good for is SHIVERING when patients awake from surgery or a vaginal delivery or C-section. 25 mg. IV and the shivering stops, as it is a vasodilator.

    OK, back on topic. Make them give you Versed, not Valium, and the nitrous, and the local, and some Morphine or Fentanyl. Use a Fentanyl patch, and it is safe in the office. Most likely not IV. IF it is given too quickly or too much is given in too short a period of time, and patients just quite breathing. In the case of the patch, read the directions, as they differ and look for peak peformance which can vary, but usually is an hour or more.

    With morphine, which is cheap as dirt, they should give the stuff 10mg. IM, at least 30 minutes, and as much as an hour before the procedure. HAVE IT AT ITS' PEAK.

    It is safe that way, as well.

    IF IV, it should be given 5mg. IV, and wait 10 minutes for peak, and then another 5 mg. could be given.

    Use the Versed, the Nitrous Oxide ( WHICH IS CHEAP AS DIRT AS WELL), the Morphine or Fentanyl patch, and the local.

    Together, they will keep you from being hurt.

    If a local is inadequate, they should have added nitrous ozide IMMEDIATELY.

  10. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    If the local didn't work, they should have assumed that there was infection and YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN GIVEN A COURSE OF ANTIBIOTIC FOR THE INFECTION, AND HAVE COMPLETED IT BEFORE THE WORK WAS DONE.

    Unless it required absolutely immediate work, such as the infection was spreading to a sinus, then this should have been done.

    They should check you very, very clearly for infection before work is done in the future. With a history like yours, and your tooth loss, they should just be extra, extra careful about infection.
  11. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    again for your advice. I don't think that we have things like fentanyl patches around here.
    I do feel a little like I didn't have much say in what was going on. I'm just glad it's over now.
    Thanks again


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