Dental extraction=flare up

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Gracie65, Jul 20, 2003.

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    I posted here the beginning of June with a problem about a tooth and the need for either root canal or extraction. I was reluctant because of the side effects of any anesthesia and was asking for imput. Well, had to have an emergency pulpectomy on a Sunday and was given non-epinephine novacaine for that procedure to relieve the pain and clean out the infection. I was going to have root canal in a week or so but due to the expense and length of time involved I decided on having the tooth extracted.

    I chose not to have anything but non-epinephine novacaine for the extraction, no nitrous because of side effects I get to everything. Well the surgery was painfree and although he had to cut some bone as well, I was okay.

    However, as the days go by, I recognize the symptoms of a flare and in fact would say that I am in the midst of one. To think that a dental extraction could knock me flat is very discouraging. That awful fog and extreme fatigue is with me again. I didn't expect it but now I know that my immune system or whatever is not up to par, cannot take much anymore.
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    maybe the flare came from being stressed from the tooth experience. you have been through quite a bit my dear. my goodness, just the mere thought about the dentist makes me nauseated.

    i have a tooth that desparately needs work....will i go? NO. i have a 1/2 tooth that had a root canal and never had it capped...(you can't see it) will i go? NO. i started the root planing garbage 3 yrs ago and have 2 quads done..did i go back to have it finished? NO.

    it's like, don't touch me i'm already in pain.

    you hang in there.
    this too shall pass
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    I feel sure that lots of board users will say they have had similar problems: I have too but they do ease down given time.

    I don't think our bodyies cope well with any stress and even if you weren't over anxious about the procedure the odds are it would still have triggered a flareup/relapse.

    I always rested well afterwards; increased or added to the supps etc I used, especially those to support the immune system and kill of pathogens.


  4. Gracie65

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    I agree with everything you wrote. You mention supplements and I take them. I have been interested in what increases immunity AND are easy for me to take in that my stomach won't react. I take 1,000 mg. of Vitamin C everyday throughout the day. I take 400 mg. of dry Vitamin E(can't handle the oil geltab), 10,000 mg. of Vitamin A. That's it. I haven't been able to find B vitamins that don't cause me indigestion and nausea even at the 25 mg strength.

    What supplements do you take and specficially for your immune system?
    Thank you in advance for your imput...Gracie65
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    Now you just gave me something else to worry about!! I have a mouth full of time bombs just like that and I live in fear of one of them going off (how did you get help on a weekend?!).

    I've already been told by several dentists that my roots go all the way to my brain and I will need an oral surgeon. I think that involves more than nitros Oxide, doesn't it? I'm looking into it next month - have to cancel Weds. appt. tomorrow because I'm out of money, again. This is the first I've heard that dental procedures could make things worse.

  6. Gracie65

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    Well first what happened to me doesn't mean that will happen to you. I had a severe sinus infection that defied 2 bouts with antibiotics and had to have my sinuses drained and I never had a flare or reaction from the CFS and yet someone else might end up flat out from that.

    I had a portion of my filling crack and break off back in March sometime and I knew that this was going to cause trouble at some point although not then and not for months until on a Saturday afternoon. My tooth started throbbing and my ear as well. I took as much pain med as I could and there is one dentist in the area who will come in for emergency treatment only. He charged twice the usual fee but I was ready to hurt somebody, I needed help. So he did that procedure I described..pulpectomy.

    But you will notice I did not go to the dentist until the pain got out of control. I could have gone between March and June but no way was I going to a dentist. So, he told me after the pulpectomy to have a root canal to save it and later I chose to have it removed which I did by an oral surgeon. I didn't need nitrous oxide although it was available as well as i.v. sedation. I have a thing about a mask over my face so I just chose the novacaine and got 4 needles. Remember to ask for the non-epinephrine type because it doesn't cause the anxiety you get with the other. It worked just fine, I felt no pain, none. I would do it again in a minute now that I know the novacaine or whatever it was does work. So with a loose or lost filling, I am going right away to have it filled rather than end up with the extraction.

    I think not having the anxiety now that I know there was no pain will help also in maybe no post dental flares...don't wait, if you can go and have it with the needles, fine. If you need the nitrous, do that. But you don't want to end up like me with pain on a weekend.
    Good luck to you....
    Oh and that tooth had such long roots and was so dense that he had to get different forceps to get it out. And I still didn't feel any pain and remember, I had to have some bone cut as well.
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    I also take zinc (now as part of ZMA), additional mg, selenium, essential fatty acids (particularly flax seed oil), garlic. B5 can help at times like these - supports the adrenals as does liquorice.

    I think it's both the physical stress of having any invasive procedure and the anaesthetic (chemical) itself that causes problems so I always drank loads of water to help my body flush it out. Green tea might help too, doesn't taste great but I like it with mint.

    I believe antioxidants are very useful anyway but at times like these perhaps more important.

    If there was an infection there it might be worth looking into some of the herbs such as OLE, oregano oil etc just to clear those up. Colustrum contains IgG and a lot more besides that might be worth checking out too.

    I like to check any recommendations out before I try them. Thanks to finally having learnt a few basic on the computer and going on the web I can research them, I like to know how they work because then I can make better choices, if I go against my instincts it nearly always goes wrong or doesn't work. Guess I just know my body better than anyone else, lived in it long enough!

    Hope this flare up soon passes.



  8. Gracie65

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    I will look into the selenium and zinc. The essential fatty acids I think because I eat so much fish, about 5 times a week is not something I have to worry about. I can't take any kind of oil or gel capsule.

    Doing research now to see about increasing my immune system and restoring exhausted adrenals. There are so many good topics here..doctors need to come here and find out what is really going on so they don't sit there without the information needed for a new CFS/FM patient.