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    Because I have had porcelain crowns on all of my teeth since 1992, I am now beginning to experience problems...that is, currently two adjoining crowns have fallen dentist says it happened because what remained of the natural tooth had broken off almost at the gum line...this means it is impossible to seat the crowns he explained, the process of preparing teeth for crowns involves reducing the natural tooth to about 1/3 of its full size...of course, this weakens the structure of what remains of the tooth, thus causing the 1/3 of the tooth to eventually break off because of its weakened state...

    Since I have been diagnosed with CFS, FM, MCS and OI and am apprehensive about introducing any type of foreign matter in my body, I am requesting feedback from anyone who has had an implant (as opposed to a partial plate which I think is the only other alternative) is my understanding that the metal used for implants is titanium and that it is often used in non-dental surgeries...still, I am concerned about rejection, infection, etc.....please be as specific as you care to be when responding....thanks
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    hi there.... i do not know anything about implants but if you go to you can call them, there is a biocompatability test for dental materials that they can tell you how to get and refer you to one of their dentists... i am not sure if this will apply to implants but they are a GREAT source and maybe somewhere to start.
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    Germany and other countries in Europe have been using zirconium implants and I have heard it will be approved by the FDA perhaps this year. If you can hold on a little longer this sounds like the best route to go.

    I don't like the idea of having some metal injected into my jaw bone, yikes.

    Hope this helps

    this site has some goof info on the subject

    this site has the info about zirconium

    another site with good info

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    It's like I wrote your post. I had all my teeth crowned in 1991. Over the past 15+ years, I've had 3 teeth break off at the gumline, and another bridge of 4 break a couple of months ago.

    Once you get root canals and crowns, the teeth become very brittle and prone to breaking after a number of years of use. I've going the dental implant route.

    I believe implants are a godsend. I have 5 working implants already in my lower mouth. I had very little pain upon insertion, no infections, no rejection, no problems with the final bridges and crowns on top of the implants.

    When I broke my four tooth bridge, the dentist and I decided to just go ahead, pull my remaining 7 top teeth, and insert 8 implants, four on each side.

    After healing, I will have a complete upper arch of beautiful and functional teeth. I will never have to worry about pain and stress over my upper teeth breaking again.

    The only concern after is I may get a small chip in the porcelain of one of the teeth. Should that happen, the dentist removes the bridge (bridges on implants are always cemented on with temporary cement) and sent to the lab who will replace that chip.

    In the meantime, I would wear the temporary teeth on top of the implants that the dentist made for me before we had the final teeth manufactured.

    I'm excited, scared, sick about the cost, but wanting to go ahead with this. I've had a lifetime of bad teeth, and implants are an amazing solution for me. I've proven I'm a good candidate by maintaining my current implants, some of them for 15 years without problem.

    Good luck with your decision. It's a very expensive endeavour. After all the stress I've been through seemingly forever, we've decided to take out a second mortgage to try to put an end to the problems. I have a very wonderful understanding husband.

    Some of the problems associated with wearing a partial plate is that once the roots of the broken teeth are removed, the bone will regress. It means a reline and it takes some time to get the fit right.

    Partials don't bother some people and others can't wear them. I'm in the latter group. My partial makes me crazy. I hate the "gluing" it in place part, food doesn't taste good, etc. But that's just me.

    I hope I haven't confused you more. Feel free to write with more questions!

    Good luck - I feel for you.

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    I rec'd implants about 4 ears ago and had absolutely no problems thus far....Although I thought the total process was terrible gruling, the implants are absolutely amazing. I love the way they feel!

    feel free to respond!
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    I am a dental hygienist and see implant patients every day. The implant itself is made of titanium and I know of no one who has had any form of rejection.

    The crowns that are placed on top of the implants typically are gold on the inside with porcelan on the top for esthetics. The metal shell is vital to the strength of the crown as porcelan can be easily fractured.

    I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that most of us that take daily medications and suffer from a chronic illnes are at an extremely high risk for develpoing xerostomia (dry mount). It sounds benign enough, but can be devastating. Saliva is our natural protectant against the bacteria in our mouth. When we don't have enough, the pH in our mouth remains very acidic which can cause recurrent decay and broken teeth. I put all my patients with xerostomia on a toothpaste that has a mega dose of fluoride and advise them to watch their sugar consumption....even MORE so than the average person. You would be surprised at the things that contain sugar. DRINK LOTS OF WATER.

    Anyway, sorry to rattle on and I hope I have helped a little. I'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have.
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