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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by grace4u, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. grace4u

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    I am so very weak and have chalked it up to herxing from valtrex but now I am starting to wonder, I restarted it about 10 days ago, but I also remember that I got my dental partial with much metal in it about three weeks ago. any input? I know my husband must be thinking lord what next. I am to have I.V's at FFC soon. I am tired of all the expense and wonder if any of this is helping at all. Thanks, sandra
  2. gwenn-aelle

    gwenn-aelle New Member

    i had all my amalgams replaced a year ago and i really felt a difference. my mouth doesn't hurt any more and my jaws aren't so hard to move ( sorry, my english is not really good)
  3. springrose22

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    I'm starting amalgam removal this week, and was wondering what did you take for chelation? And, do you feel better now? I was planning on using the DMSA/ALA protocol per Dr. Cutler. How long did you have your amalgams, both Twinofdar and Gwenn-aelle?

    Sandra, people often get sick within a few weeks or days of having mercury in their mouths. Are you sure there is mercury in your partial? Marie

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  4. grace4u

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    I'm not sure but if you do a google search on metal poisoning from dental partials it appears so. There are many many articles. I had pneumonia as an infant and my teeth developed hypoenamal. I have had 11 root canals and crowns. almost all of my teeth left have been filled at least once I have 6 crowns. I finaly made the doctor test me in 1990 for EBV and it showed I had it or did have it they did not know much about it then, so there was no follow up. I will call and ask my dentist but i am embarrased to do so. I am so shy, and they act uppity. Thanks, Sandra
  5. grace4u

    grace4u New Member

    The FFC I go to also reported ok levels of lead. I wonder about this. I smoke like a train, a habit I can't quite break I would think that if nothing else it would show cadium and zinc. What is a LLMD? Was there a diference in your test results. Why did you decide to get amalgams removed? This is expensive so I figure you must have had good reason to do this. Did chelation help? thanks sandra
  6. gwenn-aelle

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    please if i make a big mistake in english..just laugh,ok?
    i had my amalgams removed because i read in the net about mercury poisoning and its effects in fibro. i'm a user of a forum for autoinmune deseases and every one there who has done it is fealing better. i had those amalgams for ever..since i was a child,and there were replaced every one and then...
    it was kind of expensive because i had them removed all in the same month..but i have absolutly no regrets. the change has been so evident that when my husband, who isn't sick,had to replace one of his amalgams he asked the dentist to avoid metal...

    yes it will help you sandra
    for chelation i haven't done part because i haven't found the intelectual energy to read about it..and in part because all the people i know that could explain it to me live in a different country than mine and they always talk about products that i can't find..
  7. AllWXRider

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    of it in your file. Or ask the dental technician. Probably even the secretary could read it for you.

    If it was mercury, then try to discuss your options.
    See if a non-amalgam appliance can be substituted.

    Don't chelate until you find out.
  8. gwenn-aelle

    gwenn-aelle New Member

    i'm in such thing as a paper following me since i was a child...
  9. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    Your english is just fine! You are very easy to understand and we are thankful for your input. Marie

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