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    Talking to Chelz about dental work made me decide to post this info. Dental work is so expensive today and MANY do not have dental insurance. Cleanings alone here in my area run $100 on the average.

    I had been a member of Smilesaver, then it became Safeguard a Metlife company for some yrs. It was like $70 a year to join and one got deep discounts on dental work.

    My cleanings ran $22 and I got two a year. But, my dentist withdrew from this group and so I checked around and found a group I'm going to join's Careington out of TX....their premiums are a tad bit more, but still low...cleanings will be $42. Most crowns will be a 50% savings...

    A couple friends joined them recently and my daughter did too, I will join them soon as I like to keep up my dental health.

    Just an FYI and not endorsing anything, just putting it out there. Dental care will continue to rise just like everything else.