Dental Probiotics vs Intestional

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by jaminhealth, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. jaminhealth

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    I didn't know there was such a thing as Dental Probiotics...learned this from the other
    group I'm a member many people out there know so much.

    I looked up Dental Probiotics and they are used to protect teeth and gums and on some
    blogs many talked about their "bad breath" issues and how these probiotics really
    made a difference.

    I know that so many take meds and these meds do damage to our mouth/dental
    health. I'll probably get some chewables and see how it goes....

    Keep learning here....jam
  2. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Member

    Wouldn't drinking kefir do the same thing as the chewables?
  3. mbofov

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    I've never heard of dental probiotics before. I wonder, if your intestinal tract is in good shape, would you need dental probiotics as well? Obviously the mouth and saliva are part of our digestive systems, so I would think what goes on in the lower portion would affect the upper - so if the lower portion is good, I think the upper would be too? I don't know - but I take sooooo many supps already, cannot consider another one unless I really know I need it.

  4. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Diane, looked at the PH product and it does look good and
    got some good reviews....I will decide what I'll do and give it
    a try perhaps.

    I take Intestional Probiotics daily and KNOW they are doing good for me, but the mouth is another animal I believe.

    I think it a month try would tell something.

    As I'm aging and take a couple meds, waking up mouth isn't what it was years ago. Anyway, we'll see. Thanks for pointing out the PH product. jam

    TL, I've never gotten into Kefir, when I've thought of it and looked at a bottle in the health food stores, there seems to be sugar in that stuff and I do my best to avoid extra sugars, certainly not perfect on this but I'm so aware of the sugar scourge.......I have gotten away from cow's milk pretty much and sometimes buy a qt of goat milk yogurt which I did the other day as it was $2 off, I LIKE goat milk products. jam

    Mary, I hear you on all the supps...what can I say at this late date in my life, I'm trying
    to keep as comfortable as possible....

    A little story: The other day in the chiro's office when I was getting ART work done
    on my thigh, I was chatting with a man about health, life, etc...and somehow the "pill"
    came up that why we can't just take one when we want to GO.....I'm so against keeping
    me propped up when I'm feeling so horrible, not quite there YET, but if I ever get there
    don't prop me up, let me make my decision....He said to me, how long would you like
    to live? I had to think on that one, and 85 came to me...both my parents lived into 90's
    and their lives were NOT quality in those later I have that thought in my
    mind at this later time.... Now, if I felt greater now, I wouldn't be thinking this.....jam
  5. hangininthere

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    I'm glad you reminded me too.

    A couple of years ago I ran across the info on dental probiotics, and couldn't afford it, so I did the poor man's version like I do a lot of home remedies.

    I only take acidophilus capsules every day, which does me fine, since the multi-probiotics I've tried don't agree with me.

    The acidophilus is the only thing that makes my bladder work. Without it, my bladder won't empty all the way, gets stopped up and only dribbles a little tiny bit at a time, which means tons more trips to bathroom. With it, I can empty my bladder.

    So for a dental probiotic, I let an acidophilus capsule soften in my mouth a few seconds, then just bite into the capsule releasing the powder along my teeth, and just let the capsule shell dissolve in my mouth too. Tastes fine too, kind of like powdered milk, not horrible.

    Well, I did that a couple times then forgot about it.

    Now I've been doing it just about every day since you posted this, and it really does freshen my mouth.

    So glad you reminded me.

  6. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Good idea, Patti, letting a probiotic cap dissolve in the mouth, I take 8Billion product and will try one today. See how mouth feels...I use a coconut oil toothpaste which I make and that seems to work so well for my mouth health. jam