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    I went to a new dentist yesterday. I've been having more and more problems with my teeth decaying very rapidly, between annual x-rays. They did a really comprehensive exam, took two hours. I've never had so much done on a first visit.

    I think they may have found my problem. They say it's probably being caused by dry mouth. I also have moderate to severe gum disease in several teeth. This is in spite of regular dental checkups with my former dentist. Regular cleanings, but not always every 6 months. Annual x-rays also.
    They never mentiond that I had gum disease. I thought it was taken care of years ago.

    Unfortunately, I'm going to need two more extractions (had two in the last two years) , a root canal and scaling in all areas
    Having CFS and FM I think I needed a lot more care than I've been given for my teeth and gums. I've had the same dentist for 25 years.

    Be sure to get good dental care. I hope I don't lose any more teeth. Maybe the new dental group will be more diligent and I'll certainly be more apt to try to keep all my appointments on time, as much as possible with these illnesses. GB66