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  1. shootingstar

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    I had a dental crown put on my lower right rear molar a couple of years ago. The dentist had to regrind it a lot to get the bite right. Food constantly gets jammed between this and the adjacent tooth causing a toothache until the food is removed -- sometimes numbness and pain in my tongue and pain shooting down my throat.

    Now the dentist is telling me I need to have the tooth with the crown pulled, the jaw built up, and an implant. I never had any trouble with this tooth until he put this crown on. The temporary crown was fine. I think this crown was incorrectly made at the base so that there is a gap which allows food to get between those teeth, and all the grinding to get it to fit made the top fit OK, but left the alignment next to the adjacent tooth bad. Since it doesn't ache except when there is food jammed there shouldn't a new crown fix this?

    I just had dental surgery on another tooth because of a recurring abcess resulting from a root canal that evidently did not go well. I gather that's not an uncommon thing, but the bills add up.

    Any advice appreciated.
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    I too suffer from many dental woes. I have many crowns on back molars and after about 5 years they always crack and have to be replaced. Right now I am having the same issue you are with my back left crown that was probably damaged from my constant grinding of teeth. I wouldn't want to have the tooth pulled if I could help it. I am going the route of sedation dentistry when that time comes for me.

  3. Mikie

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    I would definitely get a second opinion on this. There are bad dentists who screw up and continue to make money trying to fix their swrew ups.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Yes I should probably see someone else. Now the search to find somewhere to go. I had a wonderful dentist years ago in another state. I appreciated him then, but even more so now. Hopefully the tooth can be saved.

    Thanks TxSongBird & Mikie for responding.
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  5. mrdad

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    I agree with the above reply. I think you are throwing "good" money after Bad!! It' like pulling teeth to find a good dentist. See if you can find one thru referals from friends, relatives etc. Sorry about your fustration and discomfort!!

  6. mme_curie68

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    My advice is that if your second opinion confirms new crown, I recommend that you get a gold crown since it is in the back.

    You will not have the wear problems that occur with porcelain crowns.

    I just had one done and had to go through 2 temps before I got the gold one. He even gave me a gold temp so I could be sure I would live with the gold.

    Like you I had to have bite adjustments as well, but now it is perfect and gone is the pain from 2 years with a crack that had gone below the gumline.

    My mother has crowns on almost all of her adult teeth. The porcelain ones break, her gold ones never have and she's had them for decades.

    Madame Curie
  7. libra55

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    expensive but well worth it. won't crack like the porcelain ones. all my molars are gold.


    ("the bruxer")
  8. shootingstar

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    I have always opted for gold crowns, and they've lasted well, so agree with all of you.

    I have an appointment with an endodontist Monday to have stitches removed from surgery this week, so called today to ask if he'd give me a second opinion on the old crown I'm having problems with then, so should know what needs to be done after that. I don't know if he'd be able to give me the names of some dentists or not, but he's the only endodontist in town and must see the good and the bad coming through. Am hoping he can point me in the right direction.