dental work with Fibromyalgia

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suzette1954, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    As some of you know, I had a workup for a crown last Mon. I have a great dentist and have never had a problem.

    1st. When he shot the novacaine in my jaw, I had the worst pain Ive ever had. He said sorry and that he might have put it in the jaw muscle.

    When I got home and the feeling came back, my jaw was just killing me. That went on from Mon. until I called on Thursday but they didnt return my call.

    My husband finally held the flashlight in my mouth and I had a place about the size of my little fingernail and it was pussy and yukky looking and it hurt sooo bad. I started using salt water and peroxide and nothing helped.

    I finally got hold of my dentist at home Mon. night and he called it an abcessed ulcer. He called in a prescription for me.

    My question is, was the severe pain caused by my FIbro? Have any of you had a similar problem where something now is triple the pain of what it would have been before the FM or do these things just hurt this much anyway.

    If you have any thoughts on this I would appreciate it.


  2. PattyL

    PattyL New Member

    I had my teeth cleaned and then the next day had a tooth prepared for a crown. My jaw hurt really bad and I called the dentist who had gone on vacation. My gums had turned dark and I had a pussy area below two of the bottom teeth. I got to see a dentist that was substituting for my dentist and he said it was not a real infection so antibiotic would not work. I started running a fever and the inside of my mouth was swelling so I could not open my jaw all the way. Meantime my face hurt, my jaw hurt and I could hardly get out of bed. I went to see my internist who said I had an infection of the gingiva and I also was having pain from the fibromyalgia. I was given antibiotics and had to have another round of it. I am still hurt in the face and jaw but the infection is gone. I was told the balance of this pain is fibromyalgia. I am have had the rest of the crown put on and still hurt. I have not had any problem with doing dentistry before.
  3. PattyL

    PattyL New Member

    I only had two crowns but I had two fistulas above one of my teeth that the dentist and the referral endodontist feels that I have had an infection in the tooth from prior root canals. All this occurring since I have had lupus and fibromyalgia. I never had problems with my teeth, jaw or face, etc. I now have Bell's Palsy which adds to the facial pain, jaw pain, paralysis, etc. I agree with you, none of this happened before the fibromyalgias and in my case before the lupus which I got they think before the fibromyalgia. I am sick of complaining and whining about hurting but I hurt!
  4. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    I dont post very often, although I answer alot of posts. I called my dentist this morning and told them I will get the permanent crown on Tues. but the other crown and filling will have to wait until the memory is not so bad.

    Its a shame because I was always one who didnt mind going to the dentist. It will be months before I let them in my mouth again.


  5. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Best of luck with the crown :)

    I'm going thru the same thing. 2 teeth need crowns very soon. I'm almost done with the 2 root canals. This has dragged on for over 10 months because of the pain factor involved.
    I never had a problem or fear of dental work before FM.
    Its a nightmare now!!
    I swell more at the site of injection to. and the pain where the needle goes in is very sore for 3 days or so.
    Your not alone.
    I even feel exhausted for a day or 2 after dental work!!
    as if I ran a marathon!
    its weird for sure

    Hope this helps
    Take care

  6. pika

    pika New Member

    do y'all have Sjogren's, too?

    if only i had known back THEN what i've learned lately! (i could retire now with what i spent through the years on dental work that didn't work, we won't go INTO the pain!)

    i'm thinking of looking up this dentist i went to for several years. every visit, they would GRILL me about my diet, what i drank, floss, brush, yada yada... then announce, "well none of that makes any sense, because your teeth are in horrible shape!" arrrrrrgh! i'd LOVE to walk in there and ask THEM, "have you ever heard of Sjogren's?? look it up and you may understand my dental problems! (and just MAYBE have prescribed something that would have helped, instead of the massive ascorbic acid which gave me an ulcer?)

    i have dentures now. but went through similar grillings about why my lower gum would not adjust to 1) the partial they insisted on and then 2) the denture i got within 6 WEEKS of the partial!

    i'm sure the pain sensitivity must be more from the FM. but i believe that dentists need to be educated on FM and related conditions as much as some doctors still need this.

    as always, i am so sad to read of others' suffering, but comforted to know i'm not alone.

    one of my dentists was very compassionate and understood the sensitivity. when he had to do shots or nerve work, he'd give me a prescription pain pill to take two hours before i was in the chair. that helped a LOT.
  7. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    some pain meds before they work on my teeth, but come to think of it, I had taken my pain meds before going and they didnt help at all.

    I dont want to lose my teeth but like I said, I cant deal with that pain when Im already fighting the fibro. No, my rheumy says I dont have shgrogens(SP). Thanks to all who answered my post.

  8. Daisys

    Daisys Member

    Suzette, This last relapse was triggered at the dentist's office. The hygenist wanted to do a deep cleaning. (I also had been told time and again I must not be doing a good job flossing and brushing.) She offered to give me a shot so it wouldn't hurt and I said sure (OOPS).

    As soon as she gave me the shot, my jaw froze and wouldn't move until the shot wore off. I left the office feeling sick and went downhill from there to one of my worst relapses in many years.

    This time, I found a naturopath for help and started getting hormonal support and dietary help. Then I went to Dr. Teitelbaum's site and looked for a doctor in my area who uses the Teitelbaum protocol. I ended up getting on xyrem for sleep, and prescription hormonal support. I started to heal very quickly.

    Right now, my doctor thinks I need to be treated for lyme's and heavy metals (the test results haven't come back yet)but I am doing much better than for many years. I recently went to a (forget the specialty name) gum and surgery specialist and he did a thorough exam and told me I must have a genetic edge to have gums in such great shape at my age(!!!)

    I'm taking a lot of nutrients, the myhill protocol, just starting with the methylation block supps, but know for a fact that it's the deep sleep from taking xyrem that's given me the biggest boost. It seems that the deep sleep helps my body use all the supplements better because some of it I've taken for years and it never worked well until I started to use the xyrem for sleep. Well, maybe it's the deep sleep alone that's doing it, and I could drop all the expensive piles of supps that I take daily, I don't know.

    Anyway, that's my story FWIW, hopefully helpful to you and others.
  9. texasmaia

    texasmaia New Member

    This weekend I broke off half of the front tooth on top eating of all things a croissant.

    Had the temporary crown put on today. It's been about 4 hours now so the novacaine is wearing off and the pain is intense!! I am praying the ultracet I have will relieve it when I get off work.

    I really want to go with dentures as my teeth are in such bad shape. I am 43 and my dentist said no way. Anybody have them that are happy they did? How about regrets??/
  10. Ginner

    Ginner New Member

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