DENTIST... and anyone who can help...PLEASE ADVISE

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  1. Hinemoa

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    My daughter had a tooth extracted on Thursday and she is having significant pain. Of course the dentist (who is a good friend who can be called at home) is out of town for the long weekend.

    He left her with demerol but she is extrememly tolerant to pain meds, she started to come out of anesthetic twice during her operation and anesthetic had to be increased to twice that of a grown man, and consequently is taking large amounts of motrin.

    She may have a dry socket, QUESTION: can she pack it with gauze laced with CLOVE OIL and in what dilution? Should she rather use ANBESOL? In a hurry, Thanks loads,


    It may not be a dry socket....[This Message was Edited on 08/30/2003]
  2. baybe

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    Every Oral Surgeon I have ever know has someone on call for him when he is away. I would find out who your friend leaves watching over his patients and call that person as soon as possible.
  3. Dara

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    you could try calling the triage nurse at your local hospital emergency room.

  4. Hinemoa

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    Our dentist practices in another town and to my knowledge has no-one on call. His son used to be in practice with him but has since gone on to work on more specialized orthodontia.

    I like the idea of calling the hospital to ask for information and/or any on call dentists.

    Thanks again,