Dentist broke off tool during root canal and left it

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by swiss, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. swiss

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    I had a root canada done several years ag. The dentist broke off the canal file (very tiny) in one of my roots and was unable to get it out. It has been there for 18 years and wonder if this is contributing to my CFS. I still feel pain in the root although the dentist said it was impossible- big surprise. Of course my doctor thinks it is not realted to CFS- whatever! I do not know what to do and wondering if I should have that tooth pulled. Please, any comments.

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    I would want it out and that denist would not be the one doing it but he would be the one paying for it.

    We also have been warned that fillings can cause a mercury poison so I would think a metal of any kind could cause you problems.
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    I would be very upset. Who knows what it has caused all these years? Sad part is, they'd probably never be able to prove anything, but I'll bet it hasn't helped you, either.

    JMHO, I'd sure opt to get it out. Maybe a wiser move would be to get an opinion from an expert, and like someone said, not the guy who did it in the first place.

    All the best to you. Good heavens, dental work is difficult enough without problems!
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    Dear Michelle,
    Wow! According to two of my doctors, This could definitely be affecting you.

    My Oakland has had over 70 patients whose CFIDS was caused by infections from root canals. The infection gets into the bone marrow and things get worse from there. I have four areas of bone marrow infection in my jaws. If I could take antibiotics, I would be a whole lot better.

    I would do whatever is necessary to get that piece of metal out.

    If you are interested, I've posted on this subject before, in more detail, and I'm sure you could find the info. by doing a search for "bone marrow infection".

    Good luck,
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    I was a Dental Assistantant for nearly 20 years and this does happen more than you think. But I think since your still having pain in it that the Dentist didn't go back and put some kind of sealant in it so that it would be sealed off and a crown couldbe put on.

    Some times the point of this tiny mm file will go thru the bottom of the tooth and if it is left there and is to long it can cause an infection in the bone. IT can just be a mm too long for it to cause you pain. Your dentist could have tried to get it out by drilling and making the space in the canal of you tooth bigger to pull this end that had broken off out. And then he would have filled it with a inert sustbance called gutta percha and then put a filling in or prepped it for a crown. But just leaving it there could be the problem of you pain. But as I have not seen the x-rays and not am a dentist I would recommend that you see another dentist and get it checked out. I konw taht it could cause some problems ,that include infection.

    My best answer for you is to see someone that didn't do this rootcanal and get it checked out and find out if it is what is causing you the pain and problems in your mouth.
    But that is my thoughts as I am not a dentist.

    I wish you luck on finding out the cause of your pain.
    LOts of hugs for you,

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