Depo provera and Fibromyalgia

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  1. Suewoo

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    Hi, this is the first time I have posted anything. I have just had my 8 th shot of depo. The doc asked me if I had any weight gain. I have. I didn't realize that it was the depo causing it. I was diagnosed with fibro in June. My first symptoms appeared just before my 4th shot. I looked up depo the other day and have found a lot of info about woman saying that that depo is the cause of their fibro. Anyone else here been on depo and then diagnosed with fibro? Has anyone been cured since ending the shot? I am not going to continue to have depo shots!!
  2. sdmay3

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    I did get depo for several years. My last one was in December 1999. I got pregnant a few months later and had a baby February of 2001. In June or so of 2003 I was diagnosed with Fibro. My symptoms started after a fall down the stairs but i wonder if Depo could have contributed to it.

    I did have weight gain with depo. But I looked at it like this: The 5 or 10 pounds I gained from the shot was a lot better thn the 40 or 50 lbs I'd gain from being pregnant...LOL.
  3. LittleTiger

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    I'd have to look back at my medical records, but it
    seems to me that my fibro and depo shots started
    around the same time. Hmmm, I wish my brain would
    remember these things better! I hope somebody else
    has the great news of stopping depo = no fibro. I'll
    be watching and keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. pepper

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    I had ONE shot of depo provera and reacted so badly that I never had another one. And that one shot was enough to keep my period away for 12 months.

    It caused me to gain weight, I had severe edema and was so exhausted that I could barely drag myself up the stairs. I still managed to work but did not feel well for 12 months after the shot.

    Less than 2 yrs later I came down with mono which morphed into CFS and then FM.

    Some days when I am dragging myself up the stairs, I think of that shot and wonder if it had anything to do with my becoming ill.

    It will be interesting to see how many have also had it. I find it interesting that you have already read this elsewhere. What next?

  5. dghoover

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    I took Depo for 2 years in 1993-94, Was DX with FMS in 2001. But had the symtoms for many years.
  6. Suewoo

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    sdmay93, I also had a fall down the stairs and hurt my hip. It was about six months before any symptoms started. I was on about my 3rd shot of depo when I fell.
    I found a lot of depo/ fibro stories, some are on this site, type in depo into the search at the top.
    I wonder if the symtoms will get better being off it. Some of you have been off for a long time already, did you notice any change after stopping the depo? Thank you all for your replies, Sue.
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  7. LittleTiger

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    Just Bumping.

    I'd really like to hear from others.

  8. ~lil-lady~

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    I have never had the depo shot and I have FM.. so that is a really good question what can and can not cause something in someone... thought everyone is diffrent

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  9. deenie1979

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    I was on it for 2 years from ages 17-19 (am 25 now). I also gained a lot of weight on it and it has started a huge spiral of auto-immune disorders in me. I am up to FMS/CFS, IC, IBS, and possibly Celiac disease, as well as sinusitis, asthma and allergies. I am just a bundle of joy. I have heard that depo can be a contributing factor for fibro on another board also. It really is weird isn't it??

    Love and hugs,
  10. kaelee1989

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    In 2010 I was eight months pregnant and fell downstairs sprung my ankle when i had left the hospital after having my baby i got the shot n in 2011 i started getting the pain only in my legs then all pain spread in my entire body since then doctors kept saying the pain was all in my head but last July finally. Got a specialist n was diagnosed. With fibromyalgia still on depo. Never have weight gain but losing my baby belly fat is so hard it hard to exercise do to the fibro pain. But when I do it is hard.
  11. kaelee1989

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    I mentioned The fall and being on depo to doctors but they never respond to depo being a cause of fibro or if it was caused from the fall