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    I had to do a post with klonopin in it to help stir the pot even though i havent tried it, lol

    Seriously now, I have found meds that are sedative/calming useful and seem to give a calm sort of energy(not talking doses to put u to sleep though), i think that our immune systems pump out alot of inflammatory chemicals/cytokines etc that are stimulating and give that tired but wired feeling. I have found things like neurontin and lyrica can help with brain fog and give that bit of clarity, its like the brain is going to fast for itself and these meds help slow it down so the brain can work more effectively. Some may say its anxiety but this is quite different.

    Now i have read where some docs recommend very low doses of klonopin for the same type of reason, now i havent used klonopin , but have used valium like this and it works ok as well. But at the moment when i feel sluggish and fogged i use neurontin and it definately helps, dr jay goldstein has written about this stuff also, and looking at buying his book which i think would be an interesting read.

    I feel that i am quite sensitive to stimulants and havent really found them of any use, just make my insomnia worse. Even low doses of zoloft are quite stimulating to me, more then 12.5mg/1/4 of a tab is too much.

    Has anyone else had this sort of experience??
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    My opinion is not to worry. We can't keep looking over our shoulder every time we post an informative post or asking for information. Bottom line. But I understand the hesitation. I think we can learn a lot from this discussion as it is important.

    Dr. Goldstein is supposed to have a wealth of information. Unfortunately, He has retired and his books are very clinical. If someone wants to clarify his positions on CFS, it might be helpful.

    I take Zoloft and do not get a stimulating effect but we are all different in how we react to medications. However, my sleep doctor says Zoloft can interfere with deep sleep but you have to weigh the positives with the negatives.

    I need to ask him if this is across the board for ADs or particular to Zoloft. I think I have a med. check coming up with my psychiatrist, so may ask him. CPAP, is starting to help me get longer periods of deeper sleep after years of not getting it. I hope I am not starting to sound like a broken record here. I think there are some medications that can help this.

    Hope this is helpful.


    ETA I have also found that Klonopin does give me a "calm energy", an apt phrase but so does the Nuvigil. Go figure. I think the latter works for some people as it does for those with ADD making your nervous system not as overstimulated so not necessarily cancelling each other out. This can get very complicated, eh?

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    I used Klonopin for 6 months and then had an intolerable tho seemingly relatively 'mild' side effect (eye twitching); it was the only thing I'd done differently, and sure enough after stopping it, it was obviously going away immediately, albeit slowly. My son also tried it for sleep, but got a different side effect within a week.

    My son especially needed something like what you started off talking about, something for calmness. L-Theanine, one of the active ingredients in green tea, had just come out. It has not only helped his anxiety/depression, but actually gave him energy as well.

    Maybe the energy came from no longer expending it on anxiety?, since it's not known specifically for that.

    I use it occasionally as needed as well during stressful times like moving, and have found it works quite rapidly. My son still takes it daily, it has been a mainstay now for many years. He tried weaning off it and not taking it, but it became obvious within a week or so he needed it or something else.

    PH here sells it, altho it is 'generic' and not the Suntheanine type. The only reason I mention this is because my son tried a 'generic' to save money- it did not work unfortunately. If you decide to use the Suntheanine brand, it is re-branded by other companies and you can find a better deal online than locally at stores.

    Hope that helps.


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    I have taken 0.5 mg of klonopin and 5mg of Doxepin for 4 years. I also take sleepytime tea and natural sleep aids like Fibro sleep from Prohealth. Also occassionally I have taken a 1/4 tablet of Klonopin for day time use for stressful situations. It gives you a little energy boost that is calming and not manic like zoloft can do. The only problem is getting off Klonopin is really difficult, I know Drs. Cheney and Teitalbaum say not to worry about it as long as you sleep you will get better, but it would be nice to be off all the drugs. Has anyone successfully gotten off these rx sleep aids and how did you do it?
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    Thanks for your post .. I can so relate to the tired/weird/ crazy head feelings.

    The AD's , Lyrica nor Neurontin help so last week I had a long discussion with my doc and he said almost the same thing epsecially about inflammation etc. I told him the low dose of xanax seem to help but was concerned about taking them .. He told me not to worry if it helps why shouldn't I take it since nothing else seems to work. In fact he said it looks like I didn't have much of a choice until we find something else that works. Now I agree I can't handle a large dose. I take 1/4 mg but take it 3 to 4 times a day .. This concerns me greatly but without it I think I would be house bound.

    I have had anxiety / panic years back and yes this is different.. I think its worse, but does have the symptoms of anxiety but yet somewhat different which is hard to explain.

    Oh, I had the same reaction to zoloft ..with the small dose.