depressed and paranoid,

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by vampire, May 8, 2003.

  1. vampire

    vampire New Member

    I don't no if anyone else feels this way but im always depressed and very paranoid,
    ive never been like this till lately my doctor says its to do with my fibromyalgia,
    dose any others of you feel the same way and if you do how can I make it stop.
    please help im sick of crying
  2. bejo

    bejo New Member

    I do get depressed a lot.That goes with fibro and affects some more than others.The depression can hit me like a ton of bricks for no reason at all.I'm not paranoid though.I don't know if that goes with fibro or not. bejo
  3. fibrorebel

    fibrorebel New Member

    Sounds like the paranoia is more like anxiety attacks and yes I can say I have experienced this. Have had fibro for years, but just in the last couple have had the depression and anxiety. After just dealing with it for a bit I finally conceded to take meds and they are helping.By the way welcome to this board! love Rebel
  4. horsegal

    horsegal New Member

    New? Newly diagnosed? I felt way more depressed at the first, because I didn't understand what was happening to my body and why I felt like I weighed 300 lbs. Plus, I hadn't any meds to help. Now, I can't say I'm happy, but at least I'm starting to develope an understanding of FMS and I'm working on getting the right meds. I recently, after looking high & low, have found a doc. who gives me hope. Not hope of a magical cure, but hope in that she believes what I tell her and she will work with me to get what I need to feel better. I still get down about not being able to do all that I used to do, but I'm so much better than I was a year ago. Down, but not horrible depressed...then someone mentioned that depression hits them like a ton of bricks...I agree. What I am trying to say is that the biggest help I've had is a doctor who understands. Now I don't feel so hopeless and frustrated. I hope you find someone soon.

  5. lynnkat

    lynnkat New Member

    Howdy vampire---such a spooky name you have! Fibro can suck the life right out of you---no pun intended. When I feel angry and down about what this disease has done to my life I know that I can stay in my funky mood or try to kick myself in the butt and find something that will either make me laugh or find something to do that makes me feel worthwhile. Laughing is lots easier for me so watching comedy TV or movies help me out. I try to accomplish some task around the house every day to prove to myself that I can still contribute to my family.

    I just try to keep going, even if it means just using baby steps to do it. We can't let this disease win, we just can't.

    I've only been diagnosed since last November so am still trying meds to see which will be best for me and I finally have a doc who listens to me so that's a bonus.

    Hope tomorrow will be better for you and some peace finds you. Take care. (((((HUGS)))) lynnkat