depressed and unable to work, mercury poisoning

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    Hi All,

    Sorry about the long message but I need some help...

    I have Fibro & CFS and also have mercury poisoning. This month I have been on a big mission to get better as with every month. I am lucky to have found a homeopath who is also a medical practitioner who actually cares and has even called themselves a support group for me so I can drop in for a cup of tea if I like.

    Anyway, this month I had 4 amalgam fillings removed by the dentist in the hope to get rid of the mercury in my body. I asked him to use a rubber dam as it was crucial to my health. He ordered one and it hadnt come in so he went ahead and removed them anyway using 2 suction tubes. I had this done in 2 seperate weeks.

    Today, the day after I had them removed I couldn't stop crying and felt like I was having a nervous breakdown, my aches were much worse too and I had the shakes and weaker than normal. Couldn't do anything even mindless things as I could feel the effect on my nervous system, I even had suicidal thoughts. I vistited my doctor this morning and she said I definitely have a severe case of mercury poisoning and she is v cross with my dentist for not listening to me. I now have a special mercury chelator DMSA that is safe to use while there are still fillings in place along with a multinutrient and zinc.

    I am finding life very difficult as you all are and would just ilke some advice. I work as a volunteer co-ordinator in south africa for the last 8 months but am finding myself unable to do anything anymore. I have lots of different people around me who change from month to month and am finding this the toughest part to get any support. Luckily my boyfriend gives me a lot of support but I am finding I can't be without him or I go to pieces so I have become very clingy and am now scared of losing him. I also live in a house with only one room for ourselves, the rest the volunteers take over. So being in a noisy environment surrounded by people is tough. I'm just wondering if I should give up or persevere? I feel completely useless as I;m supposed to be co-ordinating all day but can only just about manage the rota. I haven't given up yet as hope I'll feel better one day.

    Any advice on dealing with people when you feel v nervous, anxious, a complete mess everydayand trapped? Sometimes I think I should take myself out of the stressful situation but then I would just be a vegetable.

    Please help somebody, I feel my wholw body's given up and can't cope with anything, my breathing is fast and my heart too just from pure anxiety everyday x
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    Dear Jofms,

    You are NOT crazy! Your emotional symptoms sound EXACTLY like mine, and the physical ones too, though maybe mine were worse. I had been going to a holistic MD for a couple of years before finally having my 5 mercury fillings out.

    Through a DMPS IV mercury challenge test I was found to have severe chronic mercury poisoning. The MD said my mercury fillings were inert (I'd had them for at least 10 years) and I did not have to have them removed to do DMPS IV chelation.

    WRONG!!! After feeling a little better from the 1st few IV's, I started getting worse. I originally started going to the MD because of hip pain that was slowly getting worse. Two years of holistic medical care later, a lot more of my joints hurt, and I had too long a list of other symptoms to print here, was depressed, and yes, sometimes felt like life was slipping away from me when I have always taken excellent care of myself and really value feeling and looking young and vital.

    I asked my trusted holistic dentist of many years his opinion, and he said "If you have a problem with mercury toxicity, you should UNEQUIVOCALLY have the fillings out."

    jofms, it is likely good you had your fillings removed. Here's what I learned, fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome often RESULTS from mercury toxicity. So you may very well have already had a mercury toxicity burden and then breathing the vapor during amalgam removal was loaded on top of that! I had mild symptoms of fm/cfs when I first went to the MD's. THey had started me out with DMSA, then changed to DMPS IV's.

    What I didn't know was that though DMPS will pull mercury out of the tissues, it will often drop up to 60% of it on the way out. The body, in its wisdom, secretes toxins in places where they will do the least harm. DMPS can drop mercury anywhere on the way out, doing much harm to vital organs. Also, the DMPS itself is hard on the body - robs minerals and other nutrients among other negative effects.

    When I had my removal, my dentist spent 20 minutes just putting the rubber dam in the right way, gave me an oxygen supply to my nose, and was careful to take the fillings out in chunks rather than grinding them, so I would breathe a minimum of mercury vapor (which would get directly into the bloodstream and through the whole body) Even with his excellent precautions, I felt exactly (maybe worse) as you do, PLUS had some very unsettling symptoms such as EDEMA (fluid retention) in my legs so bad I could press the skin with my finger and leave a crater that stayed there for awhile. A truly gut-wrenching experience for someone who had been a marathon runner! Chronic mercury poisoning was changed to severe ACUTE mercury poisoning by a mistake in treatment. Later, when I went to another MD and he looked over my chart and at the mercury test results (the line went all the way across the page right thru the 'severe' area of the test - I was off the charts) he shook his head and looked at me over his glasses as though he couldn't believe I was alive. Then said "You had a LOT of mercury in your body."

    Jofms, I ended up doing lots of research and personal experimentation and healed myself! It is possible!

    Are you still in south africa? It will take awhile, but you can heal! Eat the purest whole foods you can find, get plenty of high-quality protein, use earplugs for the noise, and maybe write here and in a diary so you can give your man some space. My experience has really taught me how much our emotions are affected by our physiology and biochemistry.

    One thing that really made me feel better was saunas. Sweating carries toxins including mercury out of the body. ALWAYS wipe all the sweat off your body with a dry cloth or towel BEFORE leaving the sauna. The reason is that when the cold air hits your body, the pores draw fluids back in.

    I did long saunas, going out for a cold shower every 15 minutes, and for a few years, they were the only thing that made me feel really good. I was doing them 3 - 5 x per week - extreme! I also took plenty of mineral supplements,esp magnesium, because sweating will take some minerals out, too. Go slow at first and get used to sauna. I got to really love it!

    I once read that years ago, the mercury miners of Spain would sweat the mercury out of their bodies so they could continue working, or go back to work if the mercury made them so sick they couldn't work. (Ugh)!

    Selenium (in the form of seleno-methionine (NOT sodium selenite) is a good antidote to mercury.

    Mercury toxicity is a tremendous burden on the immune system. In my case, when I got the mercury out, my fm/cfs symptoms nearly disappeared. Then, I had to go about repairing the damage my body had sustained.

    I am doing a research project on fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue (I am a holistic practitioner) and will be asking the folks here if I may announce it. There will be a lot more info available if they do. That's why I use my real 1st name.

    Please know that this will pass. I know it's so hard to believe when you feel like this. You WILL find the way to feel terrific!

    All the Best,
    Ellen L

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    Thank you so much for all your advice both of you, I really appreciate the time you've taken to advise me.

    I still have another 6 fililngs to be removed and I have to have my wisdom teeth removed as it has a cyst in the bone but my doctor has advised me not to have any dental treatment just yet as it's too much trauma for me at the moment.

    Diet wise I am currently avoiding yeast and sugar as I have candida in the muscles too but will gradually eliminate other foods when I have the energy to make an effort to start from scratch.

    I feel a bit better just knowing there are people out there who want to help and Ellen you have given me some hope.

    Thanks again x