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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cindy41, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. cindy41

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    I can not believe how much has changed for me, especially over the last few months. I barely leave my house on the weekends, I can not keep up with my bills. I have lost what I thought were my 2 best friends because I couldn't go out much any more and they do not understand. This has been almost 13 years that I have been sick and I feel like it is getting worse. The fatigue is relentless, never goes away. I left work early on Friday and am staying home today. So this has affected my social life, my work life, and my home life. My house is a pig sty and my 2 teens seem to think I am just lazy and don't want to do anything. Seems like no one understands. My husband does as much as he can, but right now he is very depressed due to losing his job, and I am sure he doesn't want to deal with me too.
    This really stinks. I don't know how much longer I can keep pushing myself to do what has to be done.
    Sorry for being a downer today, but where else could I go but here, where people understand.

  2. TAM

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    Hi Cindy,

    You came to the right place sweetie you will not be alone here there are many nice and very understanding people who know exactly what your going threw because here we are all in the same boat chronic pain. So you are not being a downer that is one thing nice about this board is you can vent away. So anytime your feeling alone or down vent away and post all your troubles i'll always try and be here to support you, i might not know you but i do care about you and understand you completely!!

    You know thats such a terrible shame that your friends did'nt believe you and its even more sad that your teens think your lazy. You know my heart goes out to you because we all need support to help us threw this pain. I am blessed and have a very understanding family that support me i also have a 14 year old son who is so helpful and understanding and he helps me out so much! I am so so sorry you don't have that kind of support that you need i can only imagine how stressful that is for you and i know that makes your pain worse to not have support because stress = more pain. Please always come here for supoort here you will never be alone.

    Have you ever gave your teens information on your illness if not you should that way maybe it would help them to know that there mother is'nt lazy! you don't realize how bad that upsets me it burns me up that your children don't support you. After all you are always there for your children everyday of there life supporting them threw all there needs as parents should be, but my point is when you need support your children should in turn be there for you.
    I could'nt even imagine not being there for my mother or father if they were ill, i would be there to support them threw anything they have , after all they have always been there for me.

    I'm sorry your husband lost his job but i'm glad that he is there for you as much as he can be, i realize of coarse he would be depressed from losing his job but he will be able to find another one soon hopefully. So try to lean on him for support i am sure he would'nt mind.

    I wish you better health and lots of happiness. And i hope your teens come around and start supporting you. But remember your not alone you can always come here. Take Care TAMMY.

  3. CockatooMom

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    Sounds like you and I are going thru some unpleasant stuff!
    I vented in a post this morning too.

    Yep, we are not alone! Thank God for this board and my FM family.

    Try to keep your chin up. It's hard, I know, because my friends are all "normals" except for one, and she doesn't even have time for me. She's a busy mom, and a great mom.

    I pray your husband finds a job and things settle down.
    Depending on what kind of relationship you have with your kids, if you can get them to read some educational brochures on FM, maybe it would change their perspective of you to see you are not lazy, just sick.

    I know, I push myself to the limit almost every day.
    Take care!
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    I know what you mean concerning friends. I have friends that love me but they don't call as much because they don't think that I can't do things that I use to do, which is true. Hard to go to the movies,bowling,trips,etc. so sometimes they just leave me alone which is not the best thing. They could at least call to check on me with my parents to see how I am feeling. I continue to love them and pray that one day that I will feel better which I do believe because I do believe that cleansing the body of all of these poisons can help us, I just have to find the right products to do so. I have studied about 11 or 12 years of the 13 years that I have had this illness and it keeps coming down to a toxic colon. Don't give up ever because I do believe we can get better. It may take a little while,but one day at a time and we can start to feel better if we find the right protocol. I'm starting with the colon. Sorry to go on about nutrition, but I just want just all to get better. I pray that you will get more support. I truly understand and know that you are not alone. After a while my parents even started to loose confidence I think and gets tired of me "COMPLAINING" as I think that is the word my mom uses, but I still love her. She tries her best to do what she can.These boards really help so keep coming.
  5. cindy41

    cindy41 New Member

    Sometimes I feel like I am just losing my mind, but it sure is nice to know someone understands.


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