depressed, defeated,financially depleted-the stress makes fm wors

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    this is the most i`ve posted on here in a while,but you all have helped me a lot just answering what i`ve already posted,and i`ve learned quite a bit in the past week. but this fm stays bad on me because we are in a financial bind, that is unbelievable. we take 2 steps fwd and 4 steps back. i give up, i`m at my lowest today on depression,my next therapist visit is 1 week from now, i have started withdrawing from everything and everybody i can. i can`t help it,its the only way i can cope with all this mess, of pain,stress,more pain,bills,bills,more stress,more pain,then usually when i can sink no further without offing myself, i have a fabulous flare-up, (not funny i know)i`m just so stressed out and depressed tonight,husbands at work, just me and my thoughts just needed to vent some tonight. does anyone else have this particular problem? if so let me know,so i won`t feel so all alone. nje ps. i wouldn`t wish it on no one though.
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    but there is a book that my therapist had me read. She works only with people with FM and CFS. It is called "A Delicate Balance, Living Successfully with Chronic Illness". I haven't read the whole thing, it's one of those that I pick up once in awhile and read a chapter or two. Now, if you really want a good read to get your mind off things and really really have a good laugh, have you ever read anything by Janet Evanovich? She writes about a female bounty hunter from New Jersey, the series starts out with One for the Money and her eighth book in the series just came out in paperback, "Hard Eight". My sister tried to get me to read these over a year ago but I told her I wasn't interested. I only like mysteries and suspense, I have found that most books that people tell me are funny are usually pretty silly to me. Well, when I get one of her books I will sit up all night long reading, and laughing so hard I have to book the book down because I can't see from the laughing so hard. My dog & cat look at me like I'm nuts.

    I didn't mean to get carried away about my favorite author, but it's those kinds of things that can help get your mind off of some of these problems we all have.