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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by alicet89406, May 21, 2011.

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    I think i have finally hit the bottom, i seem to cry all the time i am so sad lonely guilty a failure and in chronic pain i feel helpless and hopeless i dont know what to do anymore and i feel as if i dont care. I think about suicide most of the time lately but i can still rationlize why not for fear of what if it doesnt work how much pain would i be in then. I use to keep my house clean i use to cook and do things now i dont hardly eat and my house looks like a tornado came through, i dont go out unless i have to i dont sleep hardly maybe 3 to 5 hours a night. I have been this way for a while now and it just seems to get worse. In August of 2009 i injured myself i cant get away from the pain it feels like my neck shoulder and shoulder blades are on fire my right hand feels like it is always asleep numb tingling feeling i lost my job due to the injury i cant do the job anymore according to the doctor so now i dont know what to do i hope someone out there might be able to relate and give some advise thank you for letting me vent.
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    I am sorry that you are experiencing so much pain and depresssion.

    There is hope!

    First of all, if you are suicidal at any time, please call the suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255

    Someone is always there, ready to help you!

    Also...suicide is not the totally devastates those left and friends.

    Do you have a psychiatrist/psychologist/counselor???

    If not, please find one asap! If you need a referral, call your Dr.

    Are you on an antidepressant? If not, it sounds like you should be.

    Do you have pain management???

    If not, call your Dr and tell them you need a pain management referral.

    After you get the depression and the pain under control, then you can decide what you can do as far as a job or volunteer work.

    Then you will feel better because you will have another focus....something productive to keep you busy.

    I just said a prayer for you. God has a plan for your life! ....plans for hope and a future.

    You do what you can making sure you get the help you need for pain and depression.....and then God will do what you cannot do.

    God bless you!
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    ProHealth doesn't provide any doctors, therapists or psychiatrists here to help, so always remember you are talking to regular people like you on this board.

    Also remember that you don't want to talk suicide and that's a way to get removed by the moderators.

    You appear to have become disabled (although it can be hard to admit to one's self that you are disabled) in 2009 and are unable to keep your house clean, are not cookingfor yoruself, don't eat properly and your house is not as organized and put away as you used to. You are in the company of people that are the same way and there is nothing wrong with that. It doesn't make you a bad person or evil. It does make you a person who needs help and that's okay.

    Have you applied for Social Security Disability and if not, why not? Did you have any disability insurance (short term or long term) from your employer and are you on that right now?

    You can call your county mental health society and get the names of places where you can get low/no cost mental health care and you should do that immediately because you mentioned suicide in posting here.

    Call the main number of your city/town and ask to speak to the community services department. Then ask them to apply for all types of aid and help that you can get.

    But absolutely don't give up. You are so worth venturing on to get help in every way possible. I'm disabled in an electric scooter and on Social Security Disability. People become disabled and it is not a crime. Take care and many hugs.

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