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    Someone please help with your ideas. I have not shown any improvement in 5 weeks and I am so down and discouraged. Long story short, I am doing all the right things but I am awake from 4 am until 10:30 and then my day is up! It takes me forever to pee, to brush my teeth, to swish with products that help the sores on my tongue that I have had since Sept. My dentist believes the white patches are simply from the stress of xerotomia (sp? extreme dry mouth disorder) on top of the sress on the body of having CFS/ME.
    She said it the ulcers weren't gone within two weeks time straight, then we need to do a biopsy!? To rule out the big *C* and she is very good at this!! Let me tell you! It will be two weeks this coming Sunday and while the ulcers are not hurting the white patches still aren't totally gone. My belly is sore from the Heparin therapy low dose injections, a therapy recommended by some friends who both have CFS/ME and when you first start the dosage you feel like a million bucks for about 3 or 4 weeks and then you flatten back out to your old CFS/ME symptoms and also if you GO up on the dosage the same thing happens! It takes about 6 months for all of this including all of my Prohealth supplements and other supplements I take and it hasn't even been two months. Is anyone out there who has experienced this with CFS/ME? Blessings and thank you so very much for anyway you can help--Islebabe/otherwise known as aka: Beauty/dsc
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    I don't have solid answers, but I have a few suggestions.

    Isn't there a medication you can take for the dry mouth? Sjorgen's Disease (spelling???) can cause the dry mouth along with dry eyes.

    Also, you may want to cut and paste your post over to the depression board.

    Are you currently on an antidepressant?

    See if this describes your symptoms:
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    Ok I will go and look at that link!!
    Thank you so much for replying!
    L&Hgs-Beauty (Islebabe)
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    Girl I am telling you this is the best website yet to actually describe thrush accurately!!! I already have the lozengers that he or she talks about!!! Oh wow! Last night I was for lack of a better word, sucking on one (rolls eyes) and all of this gunk started coming out of my mouth like white spiderwebs. This and the white patches on my tongue are what they are intended for!!
    Also I have started a regimen of the Stores (Prohealth)Accidophilis (sp?) and their many other products I have been on, but the Accidophilis is the newest and so is Milk Thistle alone by itself! Yes I have dry mouth pretty bad and CFS/ME pretty bad as well. Both cause the strees on the body (not to be confused causing the disease), and this has produced the thrush. You have cheered me up and cheered me on with a good support there girlie!!
    Love & Huggles-Beauty

    I picked this part to show you what I am using and also you would not believe what I HAVE used in the past 8 months for these things.


    Thrush is usually treated with the antifungal drugs clotrimazole, nystatin, or amphotericin. Clotrimazole is taken as a lozenge which is allowed to dissolve slowly in the mouth. The commonly used nystatin is taken as a solution that is swished through the mouth, although recent studies have shown that nystatin may not be as effective as the newer antifungals. Amphotericin is taken as a tablet or solution. The duration of treatment may range from five to 14 days. Often, thrush resolves with local treatment alone, however, systemic medication (such as fluconazole) may be used in some cases.

    The patient with thrush should faithfully conduct a daily oral hygiene routine consisting of tooth brushing two to three times, flossing once, utilizing medicated rinses as prescribed by the physician. Brushing and flossing should be performed carefully to prevent damage to the weakened oral mucosa. Dentures and other mouth appliances, which can harbor the yeast and be a source for possible reinfection, need to be disinfected. (c)Healthline

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