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    I normally don't get depressed. My daughter in law just lost a pregnancy at 3 months, a boy, a grandson, Have not seen my daughter in almost 2 years due to my ex. Sitting here crying listening to Butterfly Kisses. I guess I am trying to make myself cry. I get my daughter for Christmas but I can't call her when I want and now my ex won't let her on the internet so I can't e-mail her. Life's a b sometimes. Lost my Mom a few months ago she was only 65; cancer. I shouldn't be depressed because I do have my oldest son who lives near me with a beautiful 2 1/2 daughter, my grand daughter. Was looking for someone in the chat room but I guess it's early. I'll be ok, just need to vent - fibro hugs to all - Bobby
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    I am so sorry you are having to go thru all this. we all have these moments that we need someone to talk to and i am hear if you need me i know theres not much i can do but i can listen well and sometimes thats all we ned is someone that will take the time to listen to our problmes in a caring manner and im that person

    God Bless you,
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    I would think that feeling depressed would be normal in that situation. Maybe your ex needs to know at a certain age girls need their moms, no mater how messed up their moms seem(in his opinion) and unless he wants more dippers to change, or a moody pregnant woman to deal with, you really should have a long talk with her. You’re after all only trying to help him, right?
    Some talks only can come from a mom. By Christmas she could be in the same situation again.

    In a situation like that I give myself time to grieve then make sure I kick it off with something my soul likes to do.
    At first it may be hard to get into but I sooner or later do.

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