depression and cfs what my specialist told me

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    hey all i have been offf for a while but wanted to share a little. i see dr joseph brewer in kansas city mo.. the 1st time i went to see him he spent 4 hrs with me and i remember on of the things he told me about depression and cfs. due to me telling him 99% of my family think i am just depressed and lazy. all he see's is people with fibro and cfs. he said 80% of his cfs pts spend at least 6 years going to mental instutions and try every anti depressent on the market before going to see a cfs specialist.
    he told me a story of a 50 year old women that came in to se him and had been in a psychiatric hospital commited by her family and doctor for being bi-polar and suicidal. she was a real mess after that. she ended up having cfs the whole time.
    then 2 years ago my potassium started dropping down to 1.9 all of the sudden and i was seeing things so i went to the er from there to a pschy ward. the next day a shrink came in and started to tell me how cfs was just a sympton of depression. i said stop right there, i see the best doctor in kc for cfs and i am not interested in your opion. they did an ekg later that day and i was having abnormal heart rhythm. the ekg tech asked me if i had had a heart attack, so i asked for the nurse and told her again about my K+ being low, no response so i told her i wanted to check out before i die'd. i sent the moron's a letter my brother who is a rn and i worked in emergency services and was going to
    med school had told them when i 1st walked in the door. so beware out there because even the guy who barley passed his medical exams is called doctor ! be well all
    bill m
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    you have a better doctor now! Take care, Terri
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    just remember 50% of all doctors finished in the bottom half of their class. what do you call the last person in the medical school graduating class? answer-doctor.
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    He is the reason I did the Heparin injections and transfer factors. Please tell him that he unknowingly has helped me to heal. I think he must be a fine doc.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks alot for posting it. It is unfortunate that many people that are medically uneducated get stuck in these traps that misinformed,uninformed or know-it-all doctors present.

    Recently I went to a new "doctor" (GP). The experience was horrible. I put the boy in his place with medical facts though. After stringing me along for several months he announced that he didn't believe in lyme disease and said I was mentally ill! (See that post in my profile) His logic was so off-base and ignored all tests that came back showing real medical problems resulting from disease! Unfortunately southeast Kansas is full of medical "goofballs". I started seeing an MSW just to cover my back when this subject came up,without the knowledge of any doctors that I go to. Glad you have a good doc. Hope you can return to nursing. Daneen
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    You call the doctors at the bottom of their medical school classes "psychiatrists!" LOL :<) LOL

    That's true ... believe me on that one. Psychiatry is the easiest of all specialties as the drugs they deal with are fewer, and the problems involved in their practice are less.