Depression and CFS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jeunefille, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. jeunefille

    jeunefille New Member

    How many of you are on anti-depressants for CFS related depression and does it work?

    Right now, I'm in college and 500 miles away from home and dealing with CFS. I am having a lot of difficulty as I took last semester off and have always had a high GPA. I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to maintain it, however it is not so easy. I didn't do so well on my last test, but I'm really working hard to keep up, even though it seems impossible sometimes. I COULD transfer somewhere closer to home, but I am only 2 semesters away from graduating here and a transfer would add another year or two until graduating.

    I am also having trouble with my sorority, etc. because I am having trouble committing to things and its been difficult. I've had to go on limited status, but sometimes people don't understand why I seem energetic and choose to do homework or do laundry instead of going to a sorority event. I have tried to explain it to as many girls as possible and while many are VERY supportive, I've had trouble with a few who don't believe it exists or just thing i'm doing what I want to do and I don't want to do sorority stuff that's not fun.

    Also, my first love who I am no longer dating has transferred to my school and is scheming to get into my social circle and I just want him gone. His behavior is somewhat creepy, actually.

    So all of this adds up to a lot of issues...and I'm wondering if you think that medication is going to help or if its just situational? I have been crying pretty much every day and I'm in therapy....but my mom has had it with my weepiness and told me antidepressants are what I need, however I don't think its going to magically make me feel better.

    What do you think? What has been your experience?
  2. rockgor

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    to come down w/ CFS. Even tuffer if you're young.

    I have had CFS for 25 years. Antidepressants have been a great help. They have not cured me, but they have helped me.

    Also of great help: therapy including group and cognitive thereapy; 12 step program-Emotions Anonymous.

    There is no known cause or cure. You might look at the video "I Remember Me" made by a CFS patient. You will have to budget your energy as tho it were money. You may want to drop out of the sorority becuase it uses up to much scarce energy.

    I worked part-time: 4 hours a day, then 2 or 3 the last few years. Many people will not be sympathetic and will call you lazy, etc. I used to hear "I wish I could go home early" all the time. Generally I ignored it. Sometimes I was having a bad day and said, "Fine, I hope you too become disabled at 40."

    I used to be an honor student, workaholic, perfectionist. Maybe you are too. Maybe it contributes to the disease. In any case, those of us who were used to accomplishing a lot have to develope a new attitude and a new way to look at life.

    Some people have gotten good results w/ supplements. They are many you can try. And there are other message boards on disability and this particular topic.

    Best of all, some people have a spontaneous recovery. Good Luck.
  3. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    to you. The antidepressants will help, so do try them. However, you also need to simplify your life a great deal. For instance, I used to work full time as an R.N., but now, I can't work at all, and find pleasure in the smallest things, like being able to feel the sun on my face, working a bit online, letting my daughters cook the entire Thanksgiving dinner yesterday (Canadian), while I lay down the entire time! I had a very active life, walking, day hikes, golfing, but have had to adjust to my limited physical abilities. Life is a series of adjustments, and this is a big one for you, but you need to cut down on activities and stressors as much as possible. Take care, my dear. Marie
  4. lauralea443

    lauralea443 New Member

    you should take some time off and go home before getting on anti-depressants.

    For one thing it take time to work 3 to 6 weeks to get use to the affects, and to let the side effects pass.

    Sometime the doctor has to try out different types of medications to see what works best for you.

    It's not an instance fix, but it should help with time.

  5. goaska29

    goaska29 New Member

    I too struggled with similar issues in undergrad (I am now 26), take it from me, I HATED having to go home. My school was in VA and my parents were in NY. I hated being away from my friends and the life I was used to. I loved being "independent". I currently started Wellbutrin XL, it helps a bit, but isn't a cure-all.

    Of course my independence was very important to me, but having my mom late at night in the next room helped sometimes. It's totally an individual decision.

    Definitely lose the sorority. My friends did not benefit later in life any more than those who chose not to go Greek. Focus on YOU and your friends/relatives that ARE supportive.

    Please feel free to email me if you have any

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  6. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    I stopped taking my Celexa this week due to the fact that I was in a funky, black, miserable, in the gutter wipe-out anyway. But, I stayed with my Wellbutrin XL because it seems to give me energy.
    As far as "toxic" people, just peel them away like the layers of an onion. Fix your eyes on the most important things to YOU.
    I was never a sorority person because I WAS too iffy, having had ill health for some time. Sorry, it ain't our fault - just our burden.
    Hope you can feel better soon and get some advice from your doctor.
  7. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    if you go online and search "" you will find a very informative website that was created by a young woman in her twenties I believe, who lives in Australia, and who has CFS. It is definitely worth a visit. As someone else said, lose all those who don't understand and support you in your illness. Take care. Life will get better. Marie
  8. elsa

    elsa New Member

    If it were me I would not transfer and prolong graduation. You didn't mention how many hours you are taking, but if it is a full load (or even more, trying to catch up from being off last semester), then you need to drop down to a number of hours that's easier for you to handle.

    This might extend that grad date, but it would be from the school you chose.

    Along those lines, if you did transfer, would it be a step down, a step up or equal to your current school in reputation and academics? That is something to consider while thinking of switching schools.

    As far as your sorority goes, best I can tell, you are a second semester Jr. and should be more in the "enjoy" mode the "grunt" mode. You could de-activate if you wanted to but I would try to hang on.

    Is it something you still want to participate in or is it not that important to you? If you want to stay involved in your sorority, there are ways to get it done.

    Is making the Monday night meeting (ours was on Mondays) what you are opting out of and doing laundry instead or something more physical? If it's laundry over meeting then I'm thinking you don't want to play anymore. If it's laundry over a fundraiser for charity then that's different.

    Suggest doing something for the chapter that will last beyond your active years. Put something together on the chapter's history at your school, etc. Something that involves you but doesn't take you out in the process.

    As for the friends not believing in you and CFS ... who cares?! You are going to run into that for the rest of your life no matter where you are. Put them out of your mind ... they just don't rate.

    AD's are effective, but they take a while to kick in and just like a previous poster pointed out, it might take a while before you find the right AD for you. They have helped many people, but don't look to them as a cure all, but as a tool to help your depression.

    Make things as easy as you can. Send your laundry out. Record the lectures so your hands don't where out. Don't lug every book you own to class, etc.... you get the picture.

    Maybe when you think about these questions/suggestions you will come up with the right answer for you. Don't do anything hasty. Drop something if it looks like it's going to trash you GPA. Ignore the boy ... you just can't be bothered by him right now. Focus on you. You'll make the right decisions for you.

    Take care,


  9. jeunefille

    jeunefille New Member

    i think staying here is best. It is a small school and the teachers know me and what's going on. It is superior in academics to anywhere I would transfer to.

    As far as sorority, making it to a meeting usually isn't the issue, but I usually am having trouble making it to other things like social or philanthropy events. I am only supposed to go to two meetings a month and last night I had a burst of energy and skipped a lot of class that week, so I felt like the energy would better be spent doinghomework and catching up than going to meeting. I would like to stay in it, but i think I have to understand where my priorities is first and foremost.

    I don't want to drop out or prolong gradution at all. I feel like if i don't return to normalcy now I may never. I think maybe part of CFS is about attitude and adjustments.

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