Depression and lyme?

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  1. elliespad

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    Did anyones Lyme journey start with just Depression? I'm guessing most start with Neurological or Arthritis type symptoms.
  2. mollystwin

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    I was diagnosed with depresion before any of my other symptoms started. So I wonder if that was from lyme?

    Depression does run in my family though.
  3. mac123

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    A month after I was treated for lyme my first symptom was diagnosed as "depression". The doctor said that this was from lack of sleep but I knew that there was something else going on.

    I am a very upbeat, outgoing person who has started my own company and been running it for 13 years. The "symptoms" that I described for my doctor may have mirrorred depression, but the stress of my work (and my father having a heart attack..he is ok now :))and lack of sleep from working till midnight and up at 5:30 with my two kids put me over the edge.

    My "depressions" physical symptoms were extreme dizzyness, tunnel vision, fog headed, dyslexia, and obviously being very very tired. I did break down in the doctors office and cry but I was so out of it when I finally admitted to myself that something was wrong that it was more of a relief than an indication of my pain or suffering.

    I also became unable to "deal" with ongoing business decisions and actually think I suffered from a few weeks of ongoing anxiety attacks that I passed off as a reaction to the doxycycline that I was taking.

    In short I was a mess but I wasn't just depressed. I was being attacked by lyme and all its nastiness. When I start wearing myself down I can literally feel the disease start to creep up on me, and it does definately effect me mentally.

    Hope that helps.

  4. victoria

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    most definitely! My son had sudden panic attacks & depression that were written off to being from adolescence, but we now realize it was part of lyme. He lost 2 whole semesters of HS because of it, finally gave up and got his GED.

    This is a common story... many LLMDs feel ANYone dx'd with psych problems or things like ADD/ADHD should have it ruled out.

    There was a story in June or July 2005 about the Florida State U/Tallahassee star quarterback found walking down the street mumbling he was God, disheveled, etc. A month of hospitalization & testing showed nothing. Finally a friend suggested going to a LLMD - yes, he was positive! (Teammates/friends said he had been acting a bit odd in the months preceding.)

    It created quite a furor as it's not supposed to 'be' in Florida (there's that wonderful border security working as we speak, lolol).

    Anyway, he was out a semester while doing IV abx, came back in January, but realized that he could not re-try out for football that spring due to continuing treatment for Lyme, and made a statement that he was in college after all to get a degree and had to also work to keep healthy.

    Interesting historical sidenote: when syphilis (also a spirochete) was discovered, it was estimated 1/2--2/3 of the schizophrenia wards were cleared. Syphilis was well known to create neurological problems.

    All the best,

  5. elliespad

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    Thank you all for taking the time to share your stories and experiences. The reason I asked is my son has had a recent onset of depression. He has never had anything like this, and he DID have a tick feasting on his shoulder about 4 or 5 years after having played paintball in the woods the day before.

    We pulled it off and sent it in a ziplock bag with my neighbor, who works as a Public Health Nurse, up to the County Health Dept. A few weeks later they sent me a letter saying the tick had not fed (it definately looked like it had fed), and that it wasn't a deer tick. A few weeks after that bite, he had a one time incident of waking with a completely numb arm (same side as the bite). He saw his pediatrician that day or the next, and of course, no reason was found.

    Now, 3, 4, 5 years later he is experiencing depression with isolated episodes of anxiety. The depression is more prominant than the anxiety. We are waiting for some test results but I think I will also request a Lyme test from Igenex. Just to be sure. Thank you, all.
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  6. kellyann

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    I think my depression started the same time as my Lyme sickness did. Of couse my thyroid disease started at the same time so that could have had some part in it, who knows.

    Take Care!
  7. elliespad

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    Thanks for your comments Kellyann. It seems Depression can be the first presenting symptom in Lyme. Hmmm

  8. munch1958

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    I've had depression symptoms for years. Since high school actually. I've tried almost every AD on the market. Nothing really helped.

    After seeing one of the top LLMDs in the USA, I learned that I have adult growth hormone deficiency. I did a 24 hour urine test which showed I make almost no growth hormone.

    My LLMD says it is very common in Lyme disease. He's got a special questionnaire just to help him spot people with this condition.

    My husband and I decided to pay for two pens of HGH to see if it helped. After 2 days, my 5-6 per day crying jags stopped. That sense of gloom and doom I'd had for years began to lift.

    My insurance company sent me to a regular endocrinologist. I flunked the stim test for growth hormone release. Now my insurance company pays for it and I pay a $40 copay. HGH therapy in my case is about $700 per month. Brutal if you have no insurance!

    Sometimes I wonder if what they call "Post Lyme Autoimmune" disease could be due to permanent hormonal disruptions after Lyme spirochetes do their fan-dan-go dance through our brains. I don't have a HPA axis left.

    My thyroid production is wacko. I barely make any cortisol. I make almost no DHEA and no sex hormones either. My fluid balance is off too. I'm always thirsty and constantly running to the bathroom.

    My FM doctor does some testing through
    It's a saliva & urine test. You collected samples at home in the tubes he gave me at certain times. I mailed them in and got the results.

    The tests showed my neurotransmitters are normal and my serotonin is high. I didn't even fit the typical pattern that he sees with FM patients. He's got 1,500 of them in his practice. This finally told me the reason why I've never been helped by SSRIs or ADs and convinced me it was something other than FM.
  9. victoria

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    That's really interesting... but you are still being treated for lyme? Do they think you'll need to continue taking HGH once the lyme's under control?

  10. elliespad

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    Thanks Munch for all that great information. I have all those same endocrine problems as you, except I've never been Dx. with the Growth Hormone deficiency. No doubt if I were tested, I would.

    Funny, I mailed a Kit back to the same company just yesterday for myself, mostly male/female hormones. The Cortisol x 4 I sent in a week ago, no results yet. I've used salivary testing before, but with another company. I think its a great way to go.

    This company uses Pharmasan Labs, which is a New York Certified Lab now. Previously, doctors couldn't even order saliva testing in NY. When I did myself and my daughter, several years ago, I had to list my home address somewhere outside NY. I'm hoping to at least get back on Cortisol.

    My son will be seeing this same Nurse Practitioner on the 22nd. Hopefully she will check Neurotransmitters, hormones, etc. I guess she'll have to as she is actually part of a GYN group at a specialty Maternity Hospital, how funny is that, bringing a 19 year old boy to a GYN group. I've only been to her once, but really liked her.

    Thanks again for sharing that experience.