Depression for 4 years

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by rochoa, Aug 28, 2009.

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    I became depressed at the age of 20 after a visual migraine and I haven't been able to get out. I've tried all kinds of medication and I have a great psychotherapist. I just can't seem to get out. I hate my life, even though most people think I have a great one. I am currently at one of the top medical schools in the country and am contemplating suicide. The future seems so gloomy and I can't focus on my current tasks. I just feel like my life is not worthwhile

    Anyone in the same boat?
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    You do not want to post here stating you are contemplating suicide and that's not what the moderators nor the members want to read. Call the suicide hotline RIGHT NOW and get help immediately or check yourself into a hospital RIGHT NOW for professional help. That will help with being suicidal. ProHealth does not provide doctors here to help and being suicidal you need more than coming to an online board. [This Message was Edited on 08/28/2009]
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    Welcome to the board. Sorry life looks so bleak. Still having migraines?

    I have been depressed most of my life. If you look at my profile, you might
    find some modalities you'd like to try in the battle against depression. Just
    click on my name above.

    Try later if it doesn't work. The board was updated last year, and now it
    doesn't work so well.

    Yesterday was my vitamin B12 patch day. I wear one behind an ear one
    day a week. Helps.

    Good luck to you

  4. springwater

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    getting through a tough course like med school if youre depressed.

    You have to see a professional mental health expert. The more you ignore it the worse
    depression gets....normally. There may have been cases where it got resolved by itself.
    This is a complicated disorder and everyone has their own patterns.

    If youre a student will have to squeeze in time for therapies.

    I suffer from genetic depression, mum had it, grandma had it. Its very tough but one
    can cope with it.

    Cant tolerate allopathic i do breathing exercises, meditation. My iron levels are
    low so i take a supplement, and vitamin B.

    Theres a site on utube called EFT for depression...its very easy to do....they demonstrate it

    a lot of people have found symptomatic relief from it.....

    also make sure youre not eating too much sugar or junk food and caffeine....makes depression worse.

    While depression is very difficult to cure completely, symptomatic relief and coping strategies will help you not to go down under and live a tolerably good life.

    Im really sorry you have this disorder, I know how miserable life can get because of it...but
    there are ways upwards....dont forget that.

    God Bless

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