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    Hello everyone, how was everyone's Easter? Hope you all had a great time.
    I am a new member of ProHealth and my name is Vanessa. I'm only 19 and currently in university right now. Although everything seems to be great and wonderful; however, sometimes I feel unhappy and I get stressed out a lot. My main issue would be the crazy rapidly mood swing... For example; I would be so happy and positive in the morning but depressed and upset in the afternoon. I dont know why it is but it really starting to bug me a lot. Everyone around me seems to get stressed out too with this. I know that they really care about me and are always there for me but I cant stand my crazy mood swing anymore. My boyfriend is concerned as well, I love him a lot. Everything is fine at 1 minute then the next thing I notice is starting an arguement for no reason... Sometimes I dont even know what I'm talking about or why I was mad... I'm really scared, i dont know what is wrong with me and I dont know how much he can take... I really dont want to lose him but it seems like I can't control myself or my feelings therefor I flip out regularly for no reason...
    I try to ask myself that if I was unhappy being with him and that I shouldnt be... but no, I love him a lot and I want to be with him more than anyone else in the world.
    I really don't know what to do and I need help and advices...
    Thanks so much for reading and please drop some advices... anything would be muchly appreciated by now... Thanks again... and wish you well
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    Welcome to the board. Lots of nice people here to talk to. There is also a Depression board
    on this same site that you can visit.

    I used to be a depressed college student myself. That was half a century ago. Things were a
    little different. For example, no student had a phone, computer, tv, calculator or I pod. But the
    essence of the situation was probably the same.

    You might try and read my profile. See what has helped me over the years. Might be some
    modality you would want to try. Vitamin D3, for example, is inexpensive and requires no prescription.

    Just click on my name above. Make sure you are signed in. if it doesn't work, try later. Board
    was recently designed and still has some glitches.

    Good luck

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    It might help to see an OB/GYN, explain everything and get a full exam and blood work up including hormones and a review of any birth control you are taking. At times in our life hormones can go out of flux and that can create some problems in our lives.

    In addition, consider seeing the counselors at the university and discussing what is happening and ask for their assistance. Being out of control is very scary and the fear is not only doing it with your beloved boyfriend, but also in class with a professor or in other situations. So talk to the counselors to see what they can offer with counseling. Good luck.