Depression hurts every where commercial (cymbalta)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mistress-o-pain, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. mistress-o-pain

    mistress-o-pain New Member

    What is your feelings when you see this commercial? I was told "see, it's in your head" while sitting watching tv with my mother. ERRRR!
  2. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    I HAD a bad bout with depression WAY before I developed FMS and I can tell you for sure that I DIDN't HURT then!

    Most people with depression, unless they have this along with it don't hurt!

    But, cymbalta is supposed to help with pain. I might try it down the road, if my meds I am on stop working. But, so far I am doing okay on them.

    I can sympathize with you!

    Take care, Sally
  3. reckabek

    reckabek New Member

    Im sick of also hearing its in my head...even if the pain i have is from depression, but honestly it is in the head, but its not fake, the pain is there... it is real. Nobody else can see it tho, and thats because the neurotrasmitters of the BRAIN(THE HEAD) is releasing is whats causeing u or at least ME the pain. The whole chemical imbalance, seratonin levels crap and the neurotrasmitters, if u understand that, then yes it is in my head... cause the head or brain is what tells u, u r in pain, cold hot, etc...just mine tells me more often and more severe then "normal" folk. I'm not fully understanding of it, but it helps me to not want to kill the DR's and friends that reassure u its in your head...i know it is, but its real, and only meds are going to surpress it..and balance the darn neurons and seratonin out... if that doesnt work, bring on the narcotics baby...YEAH!!!! well...i hope i didnt upset u, but thats how i look at it./...thanks, beck
  4. millennia

    millennia New Member

    That is exactly what I was going to say. About FM and about depression. I was going to say that she should tell her mother that depression is not a choice or something pretend, that it has to do with the receptors and chemicals in the brain. It is a brain disorder (as is our problem). If we fell to the floor have a seizure, no one would question us, but since our symptoms manifest themselves in a way that can't really see, they think it's not real. I can't see air, but if has a very real effect on my body. It amazes me that some people can believe so strongly in a God they can't see and not believe that when they pat me on the back I'm going to be in pain for an hour. Sometimes I think I should get a cain, then maybe my outside would better match my inside and people would take me more seriously (most days it would take a full body cast to truly match).
  5. reckabek

    reckabek New Member

    Excatly, u couldnt have said it better....haha...take care
  6. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I can't tell you how many people have seen me out and asked if I tried Cymbalta for my neck pain...WOOHOO!!!!
    A cure for my degenerative disks, bone spurs and impinged spinal cord ALL IN ONE PILL!!!

    I can go on a tangent about these products and the commercials that go along with them...Their marketing nerds come up with these stints to sell product...

    It's all quite simple really...I had the symptoms of depression as a young child due to an erratic household and both my parents being disabled. I also had bone pain as a child, lots of strep too, but was always active because my WILL was intact...

    I flourished against all odds and became a beautiful, caring person all on my own. I was in a fender bender and had whiplash, I had endo and 1/2 my insides removed, I had another neck injury with surgery to follow, I lost my parents, my husband and 'son' have epilepsy, I have FMS/CF, endo, Crohn's/UC, SI joint djd, and all the other things that go along with this including *surprise* DEPRESSION!!!

    I went to have this confirmed by a very well known psychologist after years of hearing "Its all in your head" and your pain is psychological...After 4 hours of telling my tale, testing to determine what I allready knew, It was his professional opinion that I had severe depression due to my health issues...NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!

    I recently posted about Lorraine Bracco's depression commercial (she the shrink on Sopranos), she gets on there spouting about her lost year due to depression...She lost all her money, that's why she was depressed...Google her and find out the truth about her situation, not the edited version that the drug company gives you...Now she's sooooo happy and supposedly psychologically healthy all due to this drug? I read she had a hot, young boyfriend (don't know if its true, BUT) that would get rid of my depression too, if I didn't have all these other problems...

    Can we get real here? It's all about perception...Think smart, don't fall for the garbage out there that funnels big $$$ into the pockets of the fortune 500, research until you turn blue if you have to...

    To add something that I think is very important...I was given a popular anti-d when I first had problems cause I believed my medical staff when they told me I needed to just sleep and have a better attitude to 'heal thyself'...Soon after taking this drug, I had my first bout of ulcerative colitis...I asked all my docs about this connection, they all poo-pooed it and after that thought I was paranoid about everything because I questioned too much...Ha, a few months ago it was released that this popular drug can cause disturbances with the immune system, they don't know why or how, but it does...How many people like me had the same problem, told their doc, they tell the drug co but don't tell the public because you wouldn't take it...Meantime, people get sicker with different ailments because of the 'cures' their trying...Not me, no more...

    Sorry for the rant, but I hate corps when they cause us grief and illness just to sell a product...ANd more than that, I have no tolerance for people who BELIEVE this crap...Next time someone tells you to take something for your condition, spend a moment, get the drug facts pamphlet (available online) give it to them and tell them to take it along with this statement "I HEARD IT CURES STUPID TOO"!

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
    PS, Congrats again on getting your first check...WOOHOO!
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  7. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    What in heavens name would make her say that in regard to this commercial? I've thought that the commercial was a very effective one for depression, personally, although I couldn't have told you the name of the AD. "Who does it hurt? Everyone". Maybe she's hurting for you and can't express it? Perhaps because it shows a woman sleeping, she's diagnosing you with "just" depression?

    Besides, depression is NOT all in our heads as in our Imaginary Friend. I think because brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) are involved, the "in your head" thinking has come about in ignorant people since our brains ARE in our heads. From that standpoint she was right.

    Little consolation, right?

    Sorry. Mommies should be nicer.

  8. millennia

    millennia New Member

    I don't think the problem is with the commercial or the product. It is with ignorant people watching it and deciding that is what we have, rather than our actual problems. Some people are genuinely depressed, not from crappy things going on or anything, but from a physical problem. It is just as ignorant to say that getting a new boyfriend will cure depression as it is for people to assume our problems are in our head. I don't mean to offend anyone, I just think t he last thing we need to do is to gang up on people who have a different illness that is not always taken seriously. If anything we should band together.
  9. mrsjethro

    mrsjethro New Member

    I think that this commercial has just given the people that don't understand all of this an opportunity to tell us what the latest and greatest "cure" for us is.

    My doctor very much believes that fm is real. She has it herself, as well as mps and lupus. She did tell me that it is physically impossiible to live with untreated depression for long periods of time without having pain, and that it is also physically impossible to live with long periods of chronic pain without having a certain amount depression at times. I suppose in my case, she is right.

    I also think that it is perfectly normal to have sad moments because some insensitive jerk has done something or said something stupid because they just don't understand what we are physically going through. I don't think that a day or two of sadness is the same thing as depression. We do still have feelings and emotions. My husband, and my closest friend, unfortunately, haven't figured this out yet. Apparently it's okay for them to be completely insensitive to any of this, but if it hurts my feelings, then I am apparently suffering from depression.

    It's going to come as a really big disappointment to them when they finally realize what all of this fm, mps, etc, really is and that they can't diagnose or treat me for it. Perhaps, then, I should recommend they see a doctor about their depression....
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  10. musikmaker

    musikmaker New Member

    When I first saw it I was bothered. I am on cymbalta and it does help my nerve pain. I have gone through bouts of depression and I don't remember it making me physically hurt. I do remember feeling dark and distant and emotionally void. Like I wasn't quite connecting with the things around me.

    FM/CFS is different. It is very physically oriented. The pain and tremors are in my limbs not my head. Have you ever heard of depression causing tremors, spasms, IBD?

    I guess the commercial bothers me because it can be taken wrong. Too me, depression does hurt but it is an emotional hurt, not physical. Yet to many listening it is taken as.....see, you are depressed, you are causing this yourself, etc....and blah, blah :)
  11. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I am not offended but I am also far from ignorant...

    My point was for others to understand where this info is coming from...

    The spokesperson, Lorraine Bracco, a famed actor is boohooing about her lost year in a commercial for an anti-depressant...You feel sorry forherand think she can relate to you...Then you find out the truth!

    She was going into bankruptcy!!! She was not ILL, not suffering from anything PHYSICAL...She was going broke!

    After her commercials ran and she became a regular on the talk-shows, she let it be known about her hot, young boyfriend...That could have been a ploy, yes, but she clearly was feeling better (cause of the anti-d's and getting her finances in order)...Never once publicizing that her finances were making her 'blue'...That's not being honest! That's using corporate America for her own benefit...

    I agree on the last thing you said tho, about banding together and helping one another...But certainly my opinion that I stated from fact was to benefit others by making them aware of the likes of these actors...They are NOT like us...They don't have daily pain in their bodies, they have bad accountants and overspending causing their depression...

    I like to think that esp. since my illnesses I am furthest from ignorant and naive and have more than the normal compassion for EVERYONE around me...Sorry, you saw it differently, just wanted to reiterate my take on this...

    I see by your profile that you are from NYC...I am originally a Long Islander but worked in the city, so a shout out to you...I miss NY but Maine is a beautiful place this time of year...When you are enjoying the food, beaches and everything that NY offers (when health allows), think of me...The misplaced NYer living in the woods...tehe

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
  12. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    there are different kinds of pain. Depression is both mental and physical pain but its in our whole being.body ,mind and spirit.
    In a way I'm sure your mom doesn't realize she is really partly ,right it is in our heads but it is physical also in our heads.
    Its like some people think its pretend (in our heads)they do not understand that depression touches every part of our being.Thats why I use the words body,mind and spirit to tell people how depression affects me.
    I thought it was a good commercial but I have depression and I understand it now, but it has taken me half of my life to realize the connections.
    I'm sorry she hurt you
  13. millennia

    millennia New Member

    I have a friend who is a multi-millionaire. Her life, even by her own admission is perfect. She has a famous boyfriend, flies where ever she wants for whenever she wants for vacation. She actually has a mansion. She is severely depressed, she is in pain everyday. No doctor takes her seriously. I didn't mean anyone person was ignorant. And I think it's easy for us to think that if we lived these kinds of lives, we would feel better. But someone I love very much lives a perfect life, not just on the outside. And has to deal with the same feelings. And she feels stupid, she feels like she has no right to feel depressed. But it really is a physical condition. I just feel like when someone says to her, you shouldn't be depressed you're life is great. That is like when people say to me, you shouldn't have trouble walking up the stairs, you're only 28. Well they're right, none of should be sick. But that doesn't mean we really are.
  14. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    is that they seem to help some with their pain, but many (including ME) have NO relief from antidepressants. A lot of people also get bad side effects to them (I did to all except Prozac and now the Trazadone I take for sleep..but combined Prozac and Trazadone are potential killers).
    Also the theories about the Seritonin and Dopamine being embalanced, is just that, a theory. They do NOT KNOW if there even IS such a thing as the embalances they blame everything on.

    Just like the NSAIDs that they keep pumping out to us and others with all kinds of pain cause serious and possible deadly bleeding problems, they continue to have us take ANYthing to avoid stronger pain medications. Then they compound the insult by saying pain medications don't work for FM/CFS/MS and other chronic pain issues. They may not help every one, but they definitely DO help many of us.

    I HAD clinical depression after my dad died so I know how it feels. It can make you clumsy and you shouldn't drive, it can alter the way you feel about everything and make things seem to be hopeless. I can't say I had ANY new or different physical pain from what I already HAD from the FM and other various illnesses though. The commercials are misleading at best.
  15. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    The first time I saw the commercial, I told my DH I've never felt physical pain due to my depression. Never! I am 50 years old and have dealt with being depressed for years.

    The physical aspect started AFTER being diagnosed with Fibro! I find the commercial to be misleading. And yes, thought of it being promoted as an 'all in your head' med.

    Hmm, it didn't help with my pain.. or my depression! LOL

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  16. kb101

    kb101 New Member

    That's it. I just hate that stinky commercial.
    It just seems so wrong with no respect for other conditions that cause wide spread pain.
    I don't think that Cymbalta is the magic pill.
  17. reckabek

    reckabek New Member

    U know, i had been having phsyical chronic pain, and anxiety..the dr's treated me for deprssion anxiety and chronic pain..I never agreed that i had depression, cause i wasnt a cryer...when i seen this commercial, i thought wow, maybe my depression is what the pain is. I went to the Dr. and ask for Cymbalta, and she wanted to try zoloft instead. But now that I have learned about Fibro(not diagnosed tho) I am pretty sure this is what i battle. I often here, people say Fibro could be a form of a different sort of depression...perhaps, but i dont know....anyways, perhaps some DR's dont believe in FIBRO and call it perhaps that commercial is for Fibro?? I dont know..has anyone tryed cymbalta? i know neurontin helped lift some heavy aches for sure...just a confused...sorry :)....beck
  18. kb101

    kb101 New Member

    According to the Arthritis Foundation and the Rheumatologist that they refered me to.....for treatment of Fibromyalgia.......Fibromyalgia is a Rheumatic Disorder that should be treated by a Rheumatologist who handles Fibromyalgia patients.
    Not all Rheumatologists agree to treat Fibro but the one I have has been really good for me.
  19. kb101

    kb101 New Member

    Neurontin works for me too. I was told that the reason it works is because it interferes with the way the brain receives pain messages.
    It is also used to treat Diabetic Neuropathy and they get good results too.
  20. kb101

    kb101 New Member

    Yes, I totally agree, being in long suffering pain can bring one to the point of Depression.
    But as you mentioned, it's not the other way around.
    I too wish for clarity on that reality.

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