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    I'd like to hear from anyone who has had their immune systems affected due to depression and/or other stressful life events.
    I've always had a low stress threshold and I'm sure its that, that has caused me to have more than my fair share of colds in the past.
    In the last 5 years i've lost my dad,moved house,change jobs and nursed my partner thought 3 years of very deep post natal depresion.Not to mention my new company having had some financial problems (and i look after the finances)!!!.
    For the last 2 years i seem to have a permanent cold/sore throat and its only June to October that I get a break from it.I play a lot of sport (i ran the London maraton last year)but i'm sure that only helps?? I need my sport to beat stress and keep me sane.
    Blood tests seem ok.
    anybody have any views?
    Best wishes
    Robert, London,UK
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    Hi Robert,

    I definitely think there is a correlation in being depressed, over-stressed, exhausted ... and it affecting the immune system.

    I'm retired now, but the last couple of years I worked, I was constantly getting terrible sore throats, then a bad cold, and being prescribed antibiotics. I would get the sore throat and become sick about every three months ... would just get over one bout of it, and come down with another one.

    I was suffering from depression, very stressful situations at work, and chronic exhaustion, ...then my mother died... and very soon after, I had to quit work... I could no longer COPE. Went into a deep depression caused by total burnout.

    Anyway, from my experience with constantly getting sick while working... I'm convinced it was caused because my immune system just broke down.

    Since I've been retired --- in four years I haven't had to take "any" antibiotics. There's the proof in the pudding.

    Try to simplify your life as much as possible, good luck, and God Bless.