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    Do they really work, I've been on Paxil and Celex in the past but never felt they really stopped the depression and aniety fully.

    My doctor has me on Buspar right now for aniety, has anyone been on this before and if so does it work?

    I'm fearful of drugs and becoming addicted to them. But I'm tired of the shakes and tears. They come and go I have been good for the past year with minor bad days, but its over a month again and I think I need help again.

    This started several years ago I had a breakdown after my child was diagnosed with a disease, needless to say he is fine and has adjusted to it, but mom never fully recovered although I have accepted his disease and know he is just fine.

    But why the depression still, anything can triger it now especially sickness and antibiotics?

    What have you found to be a good medication that won't put the pounds on? I need to get back to my normal life!!!!

    For the woman do you find you have more issues around that time of the month for aniety, I know we do about depression. I'm 40 and don't think I'm going through any changes, I've had my hormones checked about a year or so ago and they were fine.

    Is there a happy pill out there :)
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    I've been on 7 different anti depressants (at different times), they either didn't work (Buspar, Wellbutrin) or they made me violently ill (Prozac, Zoloft and Effexor especially). Finally I decided to try a more natural approach and started taking fish oil. Would you believe taking fish oil succeeded where modern medicine failed? I was depressed for years, the severity ranged from mild to suicidal, but it never went away. Now I take four fisols a day and I feel, well normal. When sad things happen, I feel sad, then I feel better. It really has been life saving. You can add fish oil to your regular regimen without stopping what you're on (my boyfriend takes fish oil with wellbutrin to quit smoking). It also helps tremedously with fibro fog and is great for your heart. In ancient times people ate tons of fish, our brains were made to run on this stuff. And while I don't believe that fibro is all in my head, I do believe it stems from the brain.

    A lot of people worry about fishy repeat, so I'll suggest two brands Fisol has enteric coating so you don't get fishy repeat (fish burp, yuck) and coromega is a packet of pudding, so no pills and no fishy repeat!
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    They work for some people, unfortunately they don't seem to help everyone. There are several types (ssri's enhance serotonin, ssnri's enhance serotonin and norepinephrine, tricyclics work in a different way to affect multiple neurotransmitters, and others) and the only way to find if one does or does not work it to try them -- if you're lucky the first one you try can work, or it might take many trials -- a long process.

    I personally had the best experience with effexor and wellbutrin, some success with pamelor. None of the ssri's helped me -- but I did not gain weight on them. Gained weight on tricyclics with the exception of pamelor. Other people have had nightmare experiences in withdrawing from effexor -- not a problem for me. These all affect individuals in different ways, and I can empathize with your frustration.

    I have never taken Buspar.

    Exercise boosts neurotransmitters, and there are people on the board who feel short term cognitive behavioral therapy can help a lot, so those might be something to consider in addition to medication, or in lieu of it if you do not find meds that help.
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    I like your natural approach, since I don't do well with med either, I get dissy, nausus and just don't agree, I actually take childrens meds when I need to. I try to eat Salmon at least once a week. Do you know if this has what you are talking about?

    Thanks for the info