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  1. chuck9

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    so---------if you were not depressed before you are diag with fibro why is all that the doctors throw at you are depresion meds ??? could it be we realy dont have fibro ?? WHAT DO YOU THINK
  2. cookie1960

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    Okay...this is how I understand the whole "why am I on anti-deps when I have fibro and not depression...?"

    There are strong findings that FM is neurological in nature. Even though the experts don't know how it's caused-most agree on that point. Anti-deps (SSRI's and SNRI's,) promote serotonin levels in the brain.

    Imagine there's a little gate that lets the serotonin into your brain every so often. What if the gate is stuck or moves too slowly and your serotonin levels are low? Low serotonin affects the brain and the body which MAY account for pain with FM and the Fibro Fog. SSRI's and SNRI's make the serotonin flow more freely which makes that little gate in your brain open more freely.

    So...the general conclusion is if your serotonin levels are at a more optimal level - your pain and fog and maybe even fatigue will be better as well. And from what I understand - the way to raise that serotonin level is thru anti-deps.

    This is the way my dr. explained it to me. It seems to make sense to me. Hope this helps you out.

  3. footballmom

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    aren't just for depression they can also releive pain. I wouldn't be so quik to dismiss AD's.

  4. baanders

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    I've been very depressed since the pain got out of control. 3 1/2 years ago when I got married, I was on Lexapro. I was so happy. I smiled and laughed like I meant it. I almost went into remission. I needed less sleep and felt refreshed (I think SSRI's are more likely to put a person into deep sleep than other AD's). Then I got off of the AD and the pain got so bad I had to take methadone.

    A natural alternatlive is 5-HTP, but it made the pain worse for me. But that's just me, not you. It does not cause weight gain.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Janalynn

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    are lifesavers for a lot of people! Whether they are right for you or not, they help a lot of people. I took Lexapro before I was diagnosed- not for 'depression' per se, but more for low level anxiety.

    I guess I come from a different angle than some people. If something helps, I have no problem exploring those options, whether it's a pill or not. I'd much rather have the option of taking something than not.
  6. dragon06

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    They are usually prescribed for FM patients because they can have an effect on pain and sleep. They can help raise our seratonin levels which helps with pain and many ADs can also help people with sleep.

    They are being used for what is called "off label" uses. Not specifically because the person is depressed.
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    If it were not for AD's I would probably not be here.

    If it were not for AD's I would be in extreme pain.

    I just had an experience of being on a lower dose of Zoloft than I realized. Long story.

    I was in so much pain from decreasing the dosage. I had not realized the full impact of the AD and my pain level.

    My daughter is also on an AD for migraines.

    I am lucky that my AD helps me feel better mentally and physically.

    For me, it is a matter of survival.

    But we are all so different as to what helps.

    Good luck.