Depression Over Memory Loss

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LostHearts, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. LostHearts

    LostHearts New Member

    I sometimes think that of all the depressing things that this illness brings, my loss of memory bothers me the most. I will forget something I have said or done within one minute of the event. I have placed things in areas where "I'm sure to remember where they are" and then can't remember them!

    My memory loss has been documented by a psychologist, and the worst was when, in the middle of testing, I started to perform the test backwards and he had to remind me what we were doing.

    Nothing helps. I could post memos all over the place and then I even forget to read them! I've missed deadlines, forgot to fill out insurance papers etc.

    Does anyone have this problem to such an extent? It's getting continuously worse. My stress level is way up due to circumstances mostly beyond my control but I'm fearing it's the beginning of Alzheimers as well.

    Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

  2. spiritsky

    spiritsky Member

    Sorry to hear about your memory loss. It's another one of those terrible things we have to deal with. The only advise I can give you is to try taking "Pregnenalone" 100mg a day. This hormone is often called the memory hormone. It takes about 4 months to notice improvements in memory but I've read about some dramatic results for some people...You can buy it on the internet or in some health food stores.

    Also, make sure you're getting enough zinc as well as other minerals. Low Zinc has been shown to be a factor in Alzheimers and is also very good for your immune system...

    One other thing, this might sound like a strange question to ask but do you wake up to urinate frequently at night, 2 or more times? This would most likely point to a deficiency in Vassopressin. This is another hormone that regulates fluid retention but also is related to memory.

    good luck to you losthearts...

  3. musikmaker

    musikmaker New Member

    I have this problem. I'm not sure its as bad as your issue though I have days when it is very bad. Yesterday was one of those days. When like this I even have trouble expressing myself. Words come slow or don't come at all. I can be looking at something and have no idea what I am looking at or why. You mentioned taking the test backwards, the other day I was working on the PC. The TV was on and I had the remote next to me. I was busy reading an article when my partner asked me what I was doing. I thought I was clicking the mouse but I had picked up the remote and was changing the TV channel.....Stress plays very heavy in this for me. THe more stressed I am the worse the symptoms. The worse the symptoms.....the more stressed (mad, scared, depressed) I get about it all.
  4. nanna4550

    nanna4550 New Member

    Yes, I have terrible memory loss. I've posted about it before. I just went to a new doctor who is testing my estradiol levels, thyroid function, adrenal function, etc. to see if balancing the hormone levels will help.

    If I could remember to do the saliva test before dinner and bedtime, maybe I could get the tests in. I'm going to have to set an alarm or something.

    Anyway, after I get all of my results and her supplements and or rx's going I'll let you know if my memory improves. I take Ginko biloba at work, but I don't think it's doing anything yet. Maybe it takes time to work.

    Stress does play a part in it also, so try to take time to relax and drink some herbal tea to rest your mind.

    I also keep a small notebook in my purse and I have one of those pads that you suction to your windshield to write notes on too. I have to write everything down and I know it, so I try to write it all in the notebook as well as on post it notes. Then I know where to look.

    Best of luck to you, Sharon,
    LOL, Nanna
  5. gumbi

    gumbi New Member

    I have managed to improve my memory by adopting the following. Small improvements were immediate and have continued to improve by sticking at it.
    My self esteem was low ,my confidence non existant
    my memory terrible. Like yourself, my illness contributed and still does contribute greatly to my ability to self improve.
    Worrying about your bad memory is a self fulfilling prophecy, the more you worry, the worse it gets.You must learn to focus on the positive. I am not trying to simplify your very real problems but the following works for me.
    cut out all alcohol
    Affirmations help, repeat them at least three times per day, this is getting the message through to your subconcious. You could try these:"I am cultivating a
    strong and powerfull memory" "My concentration is continuing to improve" "I am focusing unwaveringly on the task in hand"
    Tony Buzan's books are a good place to start. There are also loads of books on NLP which are also very helpful.
    When I am too tired to concentrate, I play self hypnosis cds. the internet is full of them and you should be able to find some useful ones, from relaxation to guided meditations,to self improvement. I find they all help.Remember, you are re-educating your subconcious.
    It is very hard to meditate when you are stressed but stick at it and you will make progress.
    Your memory wont work if you are depressed, prozac has helped me. St John's Wort is an alternative to prescribed drugs, it does work.
    I take ginkgo biloba ,alpha lipoic acid/acetyl-l-carnitine
    I sincerely hope that you find the above helpful.
    I have continued to improve all round by finding self help books and determination to succeed.

    findheart and god bless you Sharon,



  6. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    cognitive problems like memory loss, saying words back to front, forgetting words, saying the totally wrong word, noise and light sensitivity are all part of our illness. Losing the thread of conversations, forgetting people's names etc.

    I've never been afraid I'm getting Alzheimers and I've had these problems for many years now.

    I've missed appointments, I've written in wrong dates believing I'm right.

    If you read about cfs and fibro you will see these are common symptoms and I'm sure thats what yours are but why dont you get checked out to put your mind at rest.

  7. JimCoyote1942

    JimCoyote1942 New Member

    Part of the problem with memory is distractability. If a person is not concentrated on something, then it does not stick in the brain. I remember things much more poorly if noise is around me--people, radios, televisions etc. Being a male, I can only do one thing at a time anyway (Ah Ha), and because I am distracted my memory goes. The next day I don't remember because whatever I am trying to recall never settled in my head in the first place. JIM
  8. LostHearts

    LostHearts New Member

    I must say I am very happy to see that people on this board take the time to reply to others' concerns. It means so much.

    I don't get up much during the night. In fact, my sleep is terrible despite all the pills that I take. Most of this is due to the poor sleeping conditions (on a sofabed, wrong kind of mattress etc.) as well as depression. The docs don't want to add another med to my long list that I am already taking, which I see as a good thing as enough is enough.

    I can't say I am happy to hear that so many others are afflicted this way, but it is gratifying to know that it's quite common. I used to write articles (some were published during my college years) and now I have to go over something I've written (like this post!) at least 3 times to be sure it makes sense.

    I too have become dyslexic in weird ways. There's a video game I play to give my bad wrist physical therapy (and because it's fun, too!) which consists of matching colored balls that drop down from the top of the screen. I will often see two balls coming-one red, one blue-and want to make a match with the blue but will chose the red instead. Hard to win that way.

    My hubby and I are under horrid stress in both the physical and financial areas--we never know if he is working week to week or even day to day. We could be tossed out in the street in 30 days with nowhere to live as our lease runs month to month and the landlady is a very unstable person. We are also in the middle of a lawsuit against a lender that forced us into bankruptcy and the loss of our home. As you can see, this is a lot and there's more (including my horrendous pain that is never relieved even to the point of being bearable) so the strain is almost inhuman.

    All of this, I believe, contributes to the memory and word/dyslexic problems. The brain can only perform so much at one time so other areas must suffer.

    It is true I am probably malnourished. I don't take any kind of supplements, not even vitamins, and eat only sporadically. So there's no doubt some deficiencies are at work here.

    Having been a writer and still an avid reader - if the bookmark falls out of the book it takes me a while to find my place, and then sometimes it dawns on me I've already read that chapter before :( - so it doesn't help. Still without reading I would be even goofier.

    I've written note after note and forget to read them or read them and almost immediately lose what I've just read somewhere inside my head. Bought one of those antique looking hands to hold important papers and bills and forgot I even bought it and hung it up. Imagine my surprise when it suddenly caught my eye and there were some important papers there whose deadlines had already passed. This "hand" was nailed right to the kitchen wall where a normal person could not miss seeing it.

    Missed appointments, missed opportunities, even TV shows I want to watch fall into this dark pit of forgetfulness. I've tried every trick in the book and nothing, but nothing works.

    It is frustrating and is adding to my depression immensely. I know my hubby is patient but even he has admitted it gets hard to take when he has to explain something to me that he just told me 10 minutes before. Can't blame him.

    I'm going to follow up on the suggestions here. They certainly can't hurt. There were days when my mind would suddenly become sharp as a tack again but it's been over 6-8 months now since the last incident.

    Just knowing I'm not alone and that a lot of you have this problem makes me feel better already. Perhaps if some of the stressors can be relieved I will get some improvement. But right now it's almost like I am in a weird world where nothing makes much sense.

    Also, driving and suddenly not recognizing the area--now that really IS frightening. I became disoriented while driving around a traffic circle that used to be no problem. Imagine going around a busy circle 3 times before just taking any exit to get away from it! Did find my way home by keeping in mind the direction I needed to go but it was scary.

    Again, many thanks. Someday we WILL beat these awful health conditions--I truly believe that.
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Brain fog for the last 25 years. Now I suspect Alzheimer's.

    I started doing crossword puzzles because I read it would help, but it just seems to emphasize mistakes. I think one letter and write down another.

    I play cards which is supposed to help. I decide to play a spade but then I actually play a heart.

    I remember things and then forget them a second later. In order to get anything done I have to remember it multiple times.

    And I have to really try to remember to check these posts as I often type the wrong word.

    Very discouraging.
  10. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    I get a little foggy sometimes. I have no less than 60 students at a time with daily turnover, new kids coming in and others leaving everyday, 3 classrooms, 9th through 12th, 22 subjects, then the teachers from three high schools will send work to some students in a variety of classes that I have to send back to them. It gets very confusing.
    I had an assistant principal call me last week and yell at me because I couldn't tell her if a student who had already left had an Art book and had done an assignment while he was in one of the classes#$%^^&&*!!! I said As far as I can tell, NO.
    I have one student who cannot have any seafood and one that cannot have any chicken. Three have asthma.I have to call every student who is absent every morning.
    There's more but I won't rage on. It is a wonder I even know my own name.
    Confused is my middle name!!!
  11. LostHearts

    LostHearts New Member

    This is exactly the way it is with me! What happens in the brain that causes it to act this way?

    One of the reasons I had to quit my job was that I began to file away entrance assessments on patients (this was in a state run mental hospital) into the folders holding discharge paperwork. I never knew I was doing it except when someone needed to look at the forms. I would go to the "entrance" cabinet and the paperwork wasn't there. I had put it in the "exit" one. Totally subconsciously. At first, I couldn't believe I had done this, but after awhile I had to face the truth.

    I cannot collate anything, either. After about 5 minutes I can actually feel my brain struggling and going haywire. I cannot put things in their proper piles. My phrase for this feeling is "scrambled eggs" in my head.

    It is scary, but at times I have to step back and am amazed at how our brains work and the weird things that can go wrong. I do notice if my stress is reduced I do improve, but things have been going so badly for the last 2 years that really there has been no respite.

    Substituting words that are spelled similarly but are not related in meaning to the one I actually want is also common. As stated, I also have to go over whatever I write a number of times before sending it. It shocks me to see the wrong words, or the wrong form a word.

    I can't look over the papers I did in college. It makes me realize that if my brain back then were like it is now, there is no way I could have graduated.

    Very hard to make normals understand what we go through. I'm tired of hearing "oh, I forget stuff. When I walk in a room I'll sometimes forget what I went in there for". Yeah, right. How would they feel if this happened almost all the time?

    It is comforting to know that I am far from alone with this. It's a form of brain fog that normals can never really understand.

  12. tilla

    tilla New Member

    I take adderallXR which really helps me with the brain fog. I have noticed everything that was mentioned here about myself. My mother has ahlzheimers, so I have someone to compare with. The difference to me is, she does not acknowledge she has a problem with memory because she does not realize she has a problem. First sign with her was the that she would ask us the same question over and over again, right after she asked it. It really is different from brain fog.

    Hope this helps.

  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    that way you always

    reading books, magazines, anything....and physical exercise of whatever you can endure daily...

    i am one to talk here ok...i need to get the exercise thing more routine now....

  14. Sue50

    Sue50 New Member

    I have it everyday. Sometimes when I'm talking to someone and look into their eyes I can tell they are thinking-she is repeating herself again. a lot of times after I say a few sentences I say-have I told you this before?
    it's not just memory, I have a problem reading-can't understand what I'm reading or my mind wanders, have a big problem with concentration. It used to depress me, but I have learned not to beat up on myself.
  15. its much the same with me truly feeling depressed with the memory loss.its because its every day,never can we possibly hope to ever fit into life,even when weve lost weight/slept well/done everything the medical proffesion tell us to do,in order to better manage our can a person manage out doors,or anywhere with memory loss to the extent that we with this illness,suffer from?fix our memory loss,then we,ll take care of the rest says i.
    it takes me ages to type replies,im so sick of this memory loss.but of course i love this site and you good people,that i dont mind replying,really i dont.
    you,d think with us spelling/reading, our brain would sort of try to help its self,to help us think better.but nothing works does it.but please try to stay strong,and lets pray that this isnt the very early stages of altziemers.

    kind regards
  16. Cool_Beans

    Cool_Beans New Member

    I knew my memory problems were getting bad when my mother was sympathizing with fact her memory was better...and though she tried to make me feel better, it was hard to find relief being as she is 25 years older than me...and then my dear sweet children...I knew they were taking advantage of the fact I couldn't remember anything because I was sure that I had told them they couldn't do something or had to do something because that is how I would have done it before the memory loss, but to be flat out certain...nope...they (mostly my son) started making sure that any discussions like that did not take place around my husband who he knew would remember...taking NADH now...and while I am not 100% (80% and plugging along) I am son tried a little trick that let me know how bad I had gotten...he wanted to go somewhere, but hadn't done something I told him to do, so I told him no...about an hour later he came back by and said he was going such and such...I told him that I hadn't given him permission to go and he said that I had earlier...then I looked at him and smiled and said, "Sorry, on new stuff now and I REMEMBER!!!!" My kids both try the memory trump card, but it is working against them now...both have been grounded for it so I think they have about given up...they told me they thought that the NADH was making me grumpy...said, "Nope, that is you!" LOL....I can tell when I get overtired (which doesn't take a whole lot anymore), because the memory/recall skills are one of the first to go...{{{{GENTLE HUGS}}}}}to all...try not to let it get you down and keep fighting!!!!
  17. Cool_Beans

    Cool_Beans New Member

    I hope you find some relief...I remember telling my doctor that I felt like my IQ had diminished...and it had according to testing...20 points lower than 10 years ago (now back up to snuff on a good day)...use to read I might get a chapter or two in a book and go to sleep LOL...had MRI's run...nothing...Alot of my success is trial and error...I use to own a health food store and was always experimenting with different remedies to see what worked...still doing that now...but before anyone thinks I am the epitome of health...think is a blah day...and I read my posts three times to make sure they are articulate LOL....
  18. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    I think your a great writer. :) I was just checking in on your palpitations thread a minute ago and thinking how well it was written. I read a lot, mostly at the teen and juvenlile level (thank you, brainfog).

    I have a two day memory. Anything older than two days, short of a neuclear blast or something else that would make a deep impression, is gone. Some days I come here and click on a thread title, and am surprised to find out that I'm the one who wrote it. If I'm able to talk on the phone for a few minutes and the person asks, "What are you up to?" I tell them, "Can't remember."

    I forget my own AGE. I'm 24! I don't feel 24 because I can remember so little of anything after 18. Even at 16 it was getting difficult.

    Sorry about the depression and heart symptoms. I'm having problems with both of those too, though not as severely as you are. Glad you're on the message boards!

    ((hugs)) Shannon
  19. survivor13

    survivor13 New Member

    hi there i read a couple of new ways to describe our 'fibrofog' the other day one was 'memory displaysia' which i like a lot the other was some 1 said i have a photographic memory you know.....i just have no film in my camera!! these made me smile as are both great.
    I personally find the confusion and the mental problems we experience along with the 'blank' spots and memeory loss one of the worst symptoms of this god awful condition. A s an intelligent woman i find it an insult to me and my brain when it refuses to work as it should. I find it harder to cope with than the most excruciating pain,funny is nt it, id sooner hurt like hell than have a confused day.but maybe thats just me
    hope you find something to help you through this,il be thinking bout you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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