"Depression Road"

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    "Depression Road"

    I was sad and lonely.
    Depression was my friend,
    Until I got down on my knees
    And let My Savior in.

    He lifted all my burdens
    And forgave my every sin.
    He took away my sorrow
    And helped me live, again.

    I walked around with teardrops
    Just streaming down my face.
    I knew I couldn't last, for long,
    In that cold and lonely place.

    Then, the Savior rescued me
    With His Amazing Grace.
    So, now, I'm smiling all day long.
    He replaced my teardrops with His song.

    My soul is light.
    He bore my load.
    For, it was dark, as a dungeon,
    Out on Depression Road.

    © 2002 by Vickie Lambdin