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  1. Loveyame

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    how do you deal with the depression? all i want to do is sleep or cry. i have been put on meds for the depression but they dont seem to work very well. it is just a gloomy day.
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    How do I deal with depression? Not very well lately!! Ha.

    Seriously, I have been taking Wellbutrin since December again, got off Cymbalta. I don't know if it hasn't kicked in yet or if I am still having withdrawal symptoms from Cymbalta. I have been very emotional, crying spells, etc. lately. Have check up with pcp tomorrow so will ask.

    Usually, the anti-depressants help me with the moodiness. I try to be positive about things but I think the holidays took their toll on me physically and emotionally. Have a trip to Hawaii coming up and I think getting away, getting lots of sun and chilling out will help alot! Really looking forward to that!!

    I don't know if I have answered your question or not. Basically, I try to exercise, get sun, leave work at work, watch a good movie, take my anti-depressant and try to rest. I have a wonderful husband who puts up with a lot and helps me alot.

    Good luck to you in finding what works for you.
  3. zenouchy

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    Hi loveyame,

    I'm so sorry you are feeling blue. ((((HUGS)))) First of all, how long have you been on the meds? They may not have taken full effect yet, or you may need an adjustment in the dosage. If it's been an apporpriate time frame for them to have taken full effect, this med may not be the one for you (ask your doc how long it should take and tell him/her you don't feel better).

    This happens frequently because we are so individualized in how we respond to medication. You should therefore talk to your doc and let him/her know that it's not working. It might be time to try a different antidepressant. Something that has helped me in addition to the anti-ds is fish oil capsules. (Something else to ask your doc about, just to see if they aren't counterindicative with any meds you take.)

    The omega 3 fatty acids are not only good in fighting cholesterol (which is why i started taking them, but I noticed I felt less depressed.) I take 4 grams a day, which is a lot (I really wanted to lower my cholesterol). I'm not sure how much you would need to get the boost in mood. Make sure the fish oil caps are mercury free.

    Exercise is a nice supplement to the meds- the endorphins are a natural anti-depressant. If you are in a lot of pain, even stretching is helpful. *The main thing is to keep in touch with your doc. If you don't feel better, let him/her know ASAP so that you can get put on the right treatment plan. Hope you feel better real soon.

    Warm hugs, Erika
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    If you are able clean the house, scrub the toilet, rearrange the sock drawer. Anything to keep you mind off those terrible thoughts that make you blue. I went thru a real bad depression and m house has never been so clean since. LOL. If you can run the vaccuum and open the blinds, natural light is so wonderful I found to fight off the blues. Plus it makes your house look a bit cleaner if you vaccuum before you open the blinds and I always feel a little better when my house is clean. ( I have the two girls and a man child, so my house is not always as clean as I wish it to be, so when I get it clean it is a real feeling of accomplishment!!)
  5. jole

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    Keeping busy is great, if you have the energy. But first, you need to get the depression under control from my experience. I couldn't concentrate on anything when I was so depressed, and couldn't invest my time and energy in any activity.

    Your doc should work with you to get the right medication that works well for you. It's certainly no fun feeling so down, and it isn't necessary. Please don't expect overnight changes from antidepressants, but they should start making a difference in 2-3 weeks.

    After you start feeling better, try the above ideas if you have the stamina. Even reading a book or visiting with a friend can be a starting point.

    Hope you feel better soon.