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  1. xtaylax

    xtaylax New Member

    last year i quit school due to depression.
    i panicked that i was going to be sick all of the time i wouldnt even leave the house. i had councilling and that helped me loads, i now have a job but on the verge of loosing it because i keep takin time off i keep getting really bad stomach cramps and this time it actually feels real not all in my head as others usually say. i panick if i have to go to work if i wake up feeling not to good im always trying to find a way of not going. could some one please give me some advise on what i should do..
  2. clerty

    clerty New Member

    sounds like stress is making it worse I am lkie you a real worrier But it does not get me anywhere except worse I have MCS so it is hard to get tablets to agre with me
    problems with your stomach might be related to stress
    I know I suffer this problem to ,How is your sleep patteren?
    you dont want to loose your job so I think you should tryprobiotics they do help me St Johns wort is good for stress.

    Wishing you well!!!

  3. xtaylax

    xtaylax New Member

    hello thanks for your reply!! no im not on antidpressants the doctor wants to think about it because im only 17. i seem to wake up at 6.30 everyweek day and cant get back to sleep.

  4. clerty

    clerty New Member

    to be like this you should honesly try them they will help you or there are herbal products St Johns wort is briliant
    but this is something you must address as it will get worse please take something.


  5. xtaylax

    xtaylax New Member

    i would most probaly take something if it was giving to me. i seem to take alot of parctomals but have slowed down with them,theres more to it than just the whole worrying about throwing up three of my friends dyed in a car crash but councilling has helped me come to terms with that. im scared about taking a/d as you here so many things about them. wow its actually weird what you say about yourself on here doesnt seem right when its all on a screen infront of you!
  6. lynne7

    lynne7 New Member

    Heal the gut - do a neurocrine panel - start 5htp -get results from panel and add needed amino acid therapy
  7. clerty

    clerty New Member

    There are many people on here that can help but if you dont want to take AD try St Johns wort it helped my friend
    a lot.

  8. xtaylax

    xtaylax New Member

    im going to give this a try before the other stuff!!

    thanks for the advise :)

  9. sascha

    sascha Member

    maybe even a support group setting where people are working on problems together might help. and a therapist could recommend something to take to help you get your spirits back up- might be worth a try. a whole lot of people, including me, are on some form of anti-depressant. could be a small dose, then see if it helps. there's no shame in it! main thing is, you need to start feeling better.

    and address the stomach cramps- there is a lot you can do. lots of tried and true supplements that could help. the first step that would be good is to go to an alternative medical practice to be tested. or maybe you have a good primary physician who could refer you for tests to find out if something is not right that's making your stomach hurt. there are remedies!

    anyway- hang on! you CAN find some help. look around where you live and see what's available for you. very best to you- Sascha *and, take care of yourself!!
  10. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    There have been studies that say it is as effective as antidepressants...Also, if you can, pleas go to sounds like you could use the support that offers. At 17 you definately want to take care of the stress and problems that you are dealing with...Don't worry about a job till you can get yourself healthy!
  11. xtaylax

    xtaylax New Member

    thanks to all your replys!
    well i asked mum to get me some of that st.johns wort today soil give that a go later!! councilling i can have a spare sessionif i like (from last time they always give a card so you can go again!!)so i will most prob go vist her shes a lovley person!! and yeah myjob isnt that important i think thats whats stressing me out most so if i dont get sacked i will quit hahah!!!