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    i started to write a great long speach about everything that has gone wrong but i changed my mind. my name is sarah i'm 23 with one child and divorced. i have suffered from depression since i was around 16 on and off but it completely took over my life around 3 years ago. i can't seem to control the attacks and nightmares and i have been offered counceling but i don't like the idea of talking to someone i don't know face to face. thats why i've been looking for a site to chat to people who know how i feel and they don't judge me. i don't like talking face to face it makes me nervous and i don't like letting down my barriers but i think to talk to someone who maybe through the other end would be a great help. if anyone would like to chat or feel they could help me from their experiences then please get in touch thank you x
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    Welcome, Tell us a little more about yourself in you profile. It helps to know if you have other diseases or syndromes and if you take any meds for your conditions.Do you have FM or just depression? Most topics on this sight are about depression associated with fibro. I don't know that is is different but you might also try looking for message boards for depression.Try typing depression into the search box at the top of the page and read some of the things people have posted. This might help you to get good info. Good luck and again, Welcome, Hugs, Mick
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    Sarah, Hello. My therapist told me that I was THE most difficult person he had ever had to convince to participate in therapy, and yet benefitted the most! A combination of an antidepressant and the counselling over a period of about a year really changed my life. They don't judge you.
    They listen, and help you problem solve. You can't always change your situation, but little by little you can begin to improve how you cope with it. And sometimes therapy can be hard. I would come home and cry at times, but the sessions would somehow gel in my head, and by the next visit I could see things more objectively. The folks here are happy to be supportive, but you still need someone to guide you thru the process. I've been on both sides of the fence. First the patient, and then the psych nurse. God bless you and help you to make the right choice for you and your child. (We are still here either way.) I will pray for you tonight. Maryl