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    i posted this a while back the vitamin bs are what is best to control depession . especially pantothenic acid at least 500 mg up to a 1000 mg a day with a b-complex because the b vitamins have to be taken together or they will not work like calcium and magnesium also they are not dangerous you will urinate OUT OF YOUR BODY what you do not use.more stess the more you need to take.THIS WORKS BIG TIME !!! also make sure you are taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement because of the cfs and or fibro. if taking a multi vitamin the b complex is in it only need to take pantothenic acid with it.
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    thanks for sharing this!
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    I really want to highly recommend Nordic Naturals Cod liver oil capsules. I can't disgest fish oil but this has a lemon flavor added to it and it really helps with my depression and great research has been done of it.

    Best of luck
    ~ GigglePoet

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