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    I get so frustrated I have been on Effexor for a few years now. I had to have it increased from 75 by adding a 37.5. Perhaps someone who struggles with depression would understand how frustrating it is to know that without this medication whether I want to or not, I am not ok.
    I ran out of the half doses the other day and because I had just started back on that dose I thought I would be okay until I got paid. Well all day yesterday I was weepy, couldn't sleep all night. I had to take 3 mg of lorazapam to get my body to fall asleep and that was after being up all night.
    My husband is better at understanding....I sometimes wish I could just stop the whole thing.
    Inside I feel less because I must live on these pills.
    God I wish I knew someone who really got how I feel.
    When not on my meds, I have terrible thoughts, cry all the time, loose my mind over stupid things, like get rantin and raving over things that are very little.
    I would love to hear from someone on here to knows or can related I need help understanding if I am normal to anyone else in this freakin world.
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    Many of us who are depressed can be on medication for a life time. I have hypothroidism and have been on that medication for over 20 years. I have lupus and will probably be on medication forever. I have depression and have been on medication successful for many years. Many conditions require you to be on medication for a lifetime and it does not frustrate me or make me feel bad because I know I need these medications and they work very well so I don't take myself off them.

    Depression is an ailment but also a symptom of many other mental health ailments. The important part is that you always stay on the meds, never stop them without your doctor's permission, and do not beat yourself up for being on them and do not stigmitize yourself for being on them. Accept that you are at your best while on them and rejoice in that. Also, tell your doctor that you take yourself off your meds and what you go through when you are off them. That's the only way a doctor can help you. Good luck .