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    I have recently started seeing a therapist for depression and anxiety. I am told I might need some type of medication for my depression. I have never taken any medication for depression before and don't know what to expect. Do they really help. Also how do some of you cope with the anxiety. I have been told to think of things not pertaining to what is causing anxiety. I am trying it but it does not seem to help. Any suggestions?
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    Welcome to the board. Lots of nice people here to talk to. There is also a depression
    board which has more posts than this board.

    You may want to read my profile. It discusses various modalities I have tried. Some
    helped; some didn't. Just click on my name above. (It might take several tries.)

    The big three for me were meds, therapy and the 12-step program Emotions Anonymous.

    I have never been able to screen out unpleasant thoughts. They just pop into my head
    without regard for my desires on the subject.

    Good luck