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    My son suffers from depression and anxiety. I don't know which is the worse-he seems to spin in and out of both.

    He has been prescribed a log of drugs: paxil, seroquel, seroquel RX, buspar and finally Effexor. These drugs have sent him to the brink of despair with suicide as the only solution to his problem. I have supported him thru this medley of drugs which have not to date solved his depression and anxiety. Most have worsened his condition and he is very weary of any further medication.

    He presently sees a psychiatrist (who prescribes these drugs) and a psychologist to help him develop behavorial techniques to help him thru depression and anxiety.

    He presently takes Effexor (150mg) and Seroquel as needed but the results are slow in coming.

    Can anyone recommend any medication that has worked and the time taken to have these medications kick in to relieve symptoms.

    I have received suggestions about thyroid problems and Vitamin D deficiency. If anyone has further suggestions or avenues to take, please let me know.

    I suffer from Fibro and try to support him thru this problem but I feel time is running out and a solution must be found for him.
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    If your son does not have a chemical imbalance, then the anti depressants will not work, or he could be med resistant.

    Is it possible that there is a situation that has happened in the past that has caused his depression/anxiety? Many times something from the past, such as trauma or abuse will cause this, and medication may not help.

    Many times the meds do cause suicidal ideation, and this is a cause for concern. Has he ever been an inpatient in a psych ward? This may be an option that you might want to look into for him.

    Good luck, and keep an eye on him until you configure things out.
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    I am very sensitive to the higher ranges of medications that many doctors start people off on. I have found that I can't do that. I have to start off very low dose. Your son may be one of these people.

    I am currently on a generic of Celexa, called Citalopram. It can be gotten intablets or in liquid (and the liquid form allows for greater experimentation as to what doses you can tolerate). I like Celexa/Citalopram due to less side effects. I have to take no more than 10 mg. in the tablet otherwise I get a eurphora and then a super migrane and that tells me the higher dose is too much for me. I can take 8 ml. of the liquid without a problem.

    As I said, I have found many doctors jumping to large doses right away and I can't do that. I have to start off low and increase slowly. Celexa can be taken in greater doses, but I can't take greater doses. Good luck.

    P.S. I forgot to mention. Call your local Mental Health Association or Society and ask if there are any free local Depression support groups meeting in your area. If so, please have him attend. The one in our area is very good and has helped so many people. They hand out info and resources and then numbers to call when you really reach bottom. You find out people have anxiety, depression and suffer in different ways and use different methods to cope.

    Thanks so much for caring and supporting your son.

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    Sortuv an oxymoron, huh? I have been depressed most of my life. But I
    am better now, though not cured.

    Here's what helped me: meds, therapy, hospitalization, 12 step group (Emotions Anonymous), "Feeling Good" by Dr. David Burns, vitamin C, Grape seed extract (recommendations by Jam in health), vitamin B12 patch (not pills), this board, combination group therapy and classes at Kaiser Permanente.

    NB: Emotions Anonymous has meeting in Canada. You can check on line to
    see if there are any near your son. RE: meds, I used to take Effexor which
    was very exensive. (Over $400 per bottle.) Now I take citalopram which
    is much cheaper.

    The book "Feeling Good" has some exercises. The author says they only
    help if you do them, not just read about them.

    Good luck to your son
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    Thank you for all your advice and your words of encouragement. It certainly means a lot for strangers to try to help in an hour of need. Many thanks.
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    There are new treatments for people that do not repond to medication.
    I'm not sure the name however is based on magnetic frequencies to the brain.
    It does not have any side affects and it seems to work well.
    You would have to get online search where these treatments are offered.
    I'm in Florida and I believe its offered here in some hospital, not sure where.
    If nothing else works is worth trying it, if offered in your area.

    Good Luck and God help you and you son.
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    Not able to offer any help but I can offer my encouragement and my prayers. It's very difficult when it's one's child. God bless you.

    Love, Mikie