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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DVoit, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. DVoit

    DVoit New Member

    I have had fm for many years. However, I am worse now than ever before. I got a "flare" after Christmas and still feel very bad. I have terrible pain in my shoulders and arms and legs. It won't go away. It makes me sick on my stomach and I am so tired and sleepy. Do any of you feel this way? Does it make you very tired? Is your pain just terrible? Sometime I think it is only me and when the pain won't go away I feel I am dying. Thanks for your answers in advance. Donna
  2. Janalynn

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    I'm sorry you're having such a horrible time right now especially.

    Describing the pain is hard for me to do - it's hard to find the right words. BUT... I can tell you that when my pain gets bad sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach as well. Yes I can get very tired, often can't sleep, sometimes sleep the weekends away.

    Do you have anything to take for your pain? If I didn't have something to take, I'm really not sure I could live like this. (Of course, I would, but it would be no life that's for sure) Even with pain meds, I still have terrible pain, gnawing terrible pain.

    I hope your Dr. is helping you - at least to the degree that he/she can. It's tough to control FM pain.

  3. Yucca13

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    It can be confusing to differentiate between fibro pain and other pain sometimes. My right arm is painful to use lately and very tender on top of the elbow. I wonder if it is fibro related? Having a lot of arthritis in the spine makes it difficult to know if pain in those areas is caused by the disk problems, but there are also the tender points in the neck and upper back area. That applies to the hip area too. I have severe headaches often which are disabling. Are they fibro related? I'm not sure.

    I believe pain is very wearing and can make you feel exhausted when it doesn't give you a break. For many of us, mornings are difficult because of stiffness, especially when the barometer is jumping around. Stress or infections can make us feel worse too. It takes a lot of effort to keep our spirits up when we feel lousy. It can feel like a constant battle.

    Try to be patient with yourself and hopefully you will have some good days soon.
  4. DVoit

    DVoit New Member

    What do you take for your pain? Does it help?
  5. jgbeaches

    jgbeaches New Member

    I know that it is very painful, but I have found that when I am having a "flare up" I will go and get a massage usually my flare ups cause me to have such tight knots in my muscles that they feel like bone, it hurts like crazy but helps me get through it and hopefully keep it from being a prolonged one. My husband even bought a massage table to help me.
  6. IanH

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    My experience with quite a few people with ME/CFS/FM and myself is that the illness creates a pattern of pain which we recognise as fibromyalgia. Typically bi-lateral pain in predictable areas.
    base of skull
    cervical spine
    shoulders (trapezius)
    below each shoulder blade(supraspinatus)
    front second ribs
    wrists variable
    digits variable
    lumbar spine 0r upper gluteal muscles (very variable)
    calves variable
    top of foot variable
    toes variable

    Most people with FMs will have a selection of these so-called tender points.

    BUT pain created by muscular strain, tendonitis, mild joint pain/ache and numerous other pain nodes such as the eye lids and temples which is normal in just about everyone will be amplified in many cases of ME/CFS/FMS. Fibromyalgia will amplify and prolong such aches/pains.

    This is why a person with fibromyalgia must be extra careful with their posture and usage of limbs. For example using a compute mouse for a long period of time will produce exaggerated pain in the forearm. etc.

    So deciding when a pain is fibromyalgia is not a simple thing. Not all fibromyalgia pain is bi-lateral as some have thought. Studies have shown that shear-stress in muscle fibres triggers an immune response in that tissue, unfortunately in ME/CFS/FMS that immune response will not be terminated properly and will increase the sensations of pain for a longer time than for "normals".

    Recently I twisted my back and the pain it created lasted for 3 months. I could not sit down, woke up several times during each night, could not walk around for more than 20 mins without having kneel down on all fours to reduce the pain. An MRI scan of the lower back showed nothing but slight swelling in two muscles. My doctor could not believe how much pain I was in and for how long the pain lasted and how much it was resistant to opiates. Thats fibromyalgia.

    We need to start thinking more about our immune system in order to better control our fibromyalgia

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  7. kitteejo

    kitteejo Member

    I have been so sick since Christmas, UTI, URI, yeast infection from antibiotics, stomach flu and then strep throat. After getting through all of that I now have a sore throat again and pain through out my entire body. I have had CF/FM for years and was always fortunate not to have to much pain but in the last two years it has increased. I was on Neurontin/Gabapentin 100mg three times a day and that was not cutting the pain so it was upped to 300mg three times a day. I can only take that at night as it makes me feel drunk during the day. I am in such pain right now I don't know what to do.

    Thanks for listening and letting me see I'm not alone.

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