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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Spoonerpaws, Nov 26, 2002.

  1. Spoonerpaws

    Spoonerpaws New Member

    Can you describe the fatigue that you are having?

    This is what I experience and want to know if others do too.

    At times, I do okay, (if I keep my activity to a minimum)
    BUT (for example) today I scrubbed the bathroom floor and was so EXHAUSTED afterwards, I had to lay down (and my bathroom is small!!

    Do others feel this TYPE of exhaustion?
  2. Spoonerpaws

    Spoonerpaws New Member

    Can you describe the fatigue that you are having?

    This is what I experience and want to know if others do too.

    At times, I do okay, (if I keep my activity to a minimum)
    BUT (for example) today I scrubbed the bathroom floor and was so EXHAUSTED afterwards, I had to lay down (and my bathroom is small!!

    Do others feel this TYPE of exhaustion?
  3. Billie

    Billie New Member

    What you are describing is the hallmark of this illness. It happens to me when I have pushed my body beyond it's limits. I have gotten better at learning where those limits are, but it happens alot. Maybe not so much now, as when I first came down with CFIDS.

    It happened to me just the other day when I was folding clothes I had just washed. I have learned to sit down while doing this, but the feeling came over me that I just had to lay down. So, I layed down on the bed for awhile, then I was able to finish.

    Fatigue doesn't seem to describe it good enough. Total and utter exhaustion is more correct. It's as though every cell in your body has been depleted of everything. All you can do for it at the time is just rest. I find laying down flat helps more than just sitting.

    I have found I need to take many small rests during the day. Do 5 min. of something, rest for 10min. It seems to help.

    Try not to worry about your bathroom, it will be there tomorrow. Put your feet up and rest.

    Take care,

  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I feel very exhausted before I get started(just getting the bucket of water&cleanser ready!LOL)But seriously......whenever I do mop my kitchen floor,I do one half one day&the other either the next day or within a day or two!!I have to because my kitchen is big and I just can't do that much all at once.Even then my shoulders will ache,my name it!So pace yourself.Who gives a S**t if I have a obvious white line drawn down the middle of the kitchen!(one side clean/other side not so clean)LOL
    I get it done,it just takes me a little longer.
    your not alone~
    Warm regards,
  5. ZosoLight

    ZosoLight New Member


    I have to take a break after unloading the dishwasher, etc.

    I have to hire people to mow my lawn, pull my weeds, wash my windows. Just can't do that stuff anymore.

    We do what we can do, the rest.

  6. tamara123

    tamara123 New Member

    We all have to learn what our limitations are, and even though I dont like to admit it sometimes, I still over do it....then ...I pay....its just trial and error, she what works and what doesnt.
    And YES, I do get exhausted doing things that I used to could do all day long. Its very frustrating isnt it.
  7. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    Just standing up for a few minutes wears me out. It's an improvement though because last Thanksgiving I could only sit up for a short time before becomeing completely exhausted.

    Filling out paperwork and paying bills is fatiguing because it uses mental energy which is as tiring as doing something physical. I missed my nap today and will be going to bed early becasue of that.

    I don't try to explain to any but the closest of friends. Others don't really care and they don't understand, so why waste my time and energy?


  8. twal

    twal New Member

    It is always the same process for me. First, my glands get sore. Next, my body gets very weak and then I get brain fog.

    The other day I went to my lawyer for SSDI and I was so weak and tired. Thank god my parents were with me to drive me home.

    Some days are a little better than others, but I am weak and sick everyday. I know exactly what you're going through.


  9. loonie

    loonie New Member

    Hi, Spoonerpaws:
    My problem with describing my fatigue is that everyone seems to think I am SLEEPY. Problem is not sleepiness, but the feeling that I just spent the last eight hours plowing the back forty w/o an animal or machine to do it-just my fat little old body.

    I work 96 hours a month and will be going down to 80 hours a month on Jan. 1. I am essentialy a housewife, as I do household chores for a disabled client. Problem is, I am becoming more and more compromised as I work. By Friday at about 2PM, I stagger around trying to finish the work I need to complete before I can leave. I am constantly on the go and can only sit down when preparing meals. This gives me constant exercise, because as we all know, this kind of heavy duty cleaning is not easy work. Best thing is my client is grateful and not demanding, but since I give my all to her, there is nothing left for my home-consequently it is a mess.

    I have found that if I try to do very much of the heavy work at my house on my days off, it makes my next workday very hard, as I have used up all my reserve, and can't recover.

    I also stiffen up after sitting for a while, but work it out as I move.

    My main point is that fatigue does not always mean sleepines, at least in my experience.

    Happy days, Loonie
  10. nct

    nct New Member

    I have the same kind of thing...I'm not sleepy, just so physically tired its an effort to get up.
    This only comes in spurts now, but often enough that I certainly recognize it when it happens.
    Usually, my knees get wobbly, like I haven't eaten. Then my whole body is just tired and no energy at all. Sometimes, if its a bad one, my arms will get the same "wobbliness" and heaviness as the legs.
    But I'm not sleepy at all...this is just like it was when I was in the throes of the EBV. I was never sleepy, but couldn't get out of bed.

    Take care all!

    Nancy T
  11. pepper

    pepper New Member

    When I first became ill, I would wake up in the morning feeling so sore and stiff. Every morning I thought that I must have done a really aggressive aerobics workout the night before because of the fatigue and pain. Then I'd remember I hadn't done anything in months, yet I felt that way every morning. Still do. Exhausted as if I had really worked out when the most I've done is walked from the Handicapped Parking spot into the drug store.

    The fatigue is so overwhelming that I remember thinking 10 yrs ago that I didn't know a person could be this tired and still be alive! I have to think back to earlier days because, unbelievably, you do get used to it when you live with it every day.

    Some days the fatigue and pain all melt together and it is almost impossible to tell one from the other. I just know I can't stand up or I can't tidy up that room or I can't chop vegetables for supper.

    Some days I feel like my legs (and sometimes my arms) are encased in cement. Moving them is so hard. Other times it is like I am walking through a vat of jello that is thickening.

    That's how my fatigue feels most of the time. Pepper
  12. LADYBUG2

    LADYBUG2 New Member

    Some days, just the ( THOUGHT ) of takeing a shower and fixing my hair ( EXHAUSTS ) me. So, on these kinds of days I end up on my couch reading and doseing off, but when I do dose off, my arms & hands fall asleep, and the throbing pain in them will wake me up. When this happens, the nap, sometimes doesn't seem to have helped me much.

    A trip to the grocery store, (SOMETIMES) can also leave me with a weak and dizzy feeling,and I can only manage to put away the cold items, and (MUST)lay down & rest, for 1/2 hour to maybe 2-3 hours.

    When, I mop my kitchen,my muscels become (VERY SORE)
    in my upper thighs & (HAM STRING MUSCELS).
    I have 2 Buldgeing disks in my mid-back area, and the doctor just insisted on me going to phyical therpy....
    I did for just ( 1 TIME ) just bounceing on a BIG BALL & 5 minutes on a stationary bike, made me (SO SORE ) I ended up laying around for about a week..... I didn't go back !!!!!

    I know the doctor's tell us to do exercise,(water arobics) but, I don't no if I will ever be able to tolerate even that, due to becomming so very sore. Not to mention, being to tired, to do but just a few things each day.
    I am still learning to pace myself, which is hard for me to do, as I was always a ( TYPE A ) so, on my good days I always ened up (OVER DOING THINGS) then I pay for it, by
    haveing a very bad flare.

    I am going to try a pain specialist if he will see me, because the pain,,,,, has just become intolerabe. Even tho I take 6 Lorcet per day. ( I have many other things; IBS,
    RLS, severe Migraines,etc. I never have ( GOOD SLEEP )I toss & turn all night, trying to find a confortable position,,,, but I never feel refreshed when I get up the next morning....... I am so sore & stiff in the mornings, I take my pain pill , and wait for it to kick in, before, I do anything. ( DOES THIS SOUND FAMIULAR TO YOU ALSO)???